Raffles in UAE 

Raffles in UAE 

Raffles UAE 

UAE is one of the richest countries and you can become a millionaire easily. Chances of winning in raffles in UAE are incredibly high if you compare to other worldwide lotteries.  From mega bank draws to exclusive airport raffles, here are some of the largest jackpots you can walk away with.

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free

Win millions of dirhams as well as dream cars such as Land Rovers, BMWs and Corvettes in the Big Ticket Raffle. Initiated in 1992 with the tagline “Dream Big With Big Ticket,” it undeniably offers millions to change your life. Today, Big Ticket is the largest and longest running raffle for cash prizes.

How much?

Entrants can win grand prize money up to Dh12 million in a monthly cash draw. The prize amounts vary month to month, but always include one grand prize winner and several consolation prizes. There is also a monthly car draw called Big Ticket Dream Car where one winner receives a dream car such as Land Rovers, BMWs and Corvettes. Tickets or the cash draws cost AED 500 while tickets for Dream Car will cost either AED 50, 100 or 200. If you buy 2 tickets, you get a third one absolutely free.

How to win?

Tickets can be bought online at bigticket.ae or at various points at Abu Dhabi International Airport or at the City Check-in Terminal in Abu Dhabi Tourist Club Area and in Al Ain Airport. For each Big Ticket entry you buy, you will be given a unique six-digit raffle number and there is no cap or limit to the total number of participants per month in the cash draws.  Draws are conducted in the Arrivals Hall at Abu Dhabi International Airport, supervised by Big Ticket staff and airport officials.Car draws have a specific number of tickets, such as 3,500. The maximum purchase an individual can make per month is Dh10,000.

Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Draw

Dubai Duty Free (DDF) has raised its benchmark for airport retailing and continues to flourish within Dubai International airport and Al Maktoum International at Dubai South.

Millennium Millionaire

How much: The Millennium Millionaire Lottery was established right before 2000.   You can win US$1m twice a month if the series of 5,000 tickets is sold out. If you buy two tickets, the winning odds for you are essentially 1:2,500. This popular promotion has already created over 150 dollar millionaires where two winners have won twice!

How to win: Tickets cost Dh1000 each and are available to passengers at counters in departures and arrivals areas of Dubai International Airport as well as some shops and online. There are no restrictions on the number that a passenger can buy but the draw is limited to 5,000 raffle tickets.

Finest Surprise Car lottery

Initiated in 1989, the finest Surprise Promotion to win a luxury car is the longest running duty free promotion in the world. With tickets being limited to 1,300 coupons, the ticket holders have a chance to win a luxury car: a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Porsche and Audi. These tickets can be bought for $139 or 112 euros at international airports in the city, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and also the Irish Village Shop.

Finest Surprise Bike Lottery

Introduced in 2002, the Finest Surprise Bike Lottery sells about 1000 tickets for every draw and the cost of the ticket is $100 or 81 euros. Just like the car the motorbike will be delivered for free at your home.

DSF Mega Raffles

With 40 luxurious brand new cars to give away and millions of dirhams in cash and prizes on offer, there are so many chances to win big this Dubai Shopping Festival.

How much?

Each day throughout DSF, shopperscan participate in DSF Mega Raffles which includes the Infiniti Mega Raffle, Nissan Grand Raffle(31 Nissans in 31 Days!), Dubai Shopping Malls Group raffle draws, Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group raffles and raffles run by other retailers. One Infiniti QX70 plus Dh150000 in cash prize is up for grabs every single day. Five DSF shoppers have the chance to win weekly cash prizes of Dh50000 each.

Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group raffle

This is held every night at Gold Souk with the daily prize of a quarter-kilo of gold. You receive a coupon to enter the raffle when you spend Dhs 1,500 or more on gold or diamond purchases at any of the participating gold and jewellery outlets in Dubai.

The Infiniti Mega Raffle 

Purchase raffle tickets for AED200 each for an opportunity to drive away in a brand-new Infiniti car plus AED150000 daily in cash. What’s more, all participants will automatically be put in a draw to win a total of AED1000,000 prize pool consisting of AED50,000 for four lucky winners per week throughout the five weeks of DSF.

How to win

Tickets are available in 41 ENOC/EPPCO stations across Dubai as well as in kiosks at Deira City Centre, Gold Souk, Al Fahidi Street, Baniyas Square and the Global Village.

Kunooz Savings Account draw

How much: There is a monthly prize of Dh1m, or a luxury car or Dh200,000 in a savings account as well as three daily prizes of Dh3,000 each.

How to win: Every Dh1000 deposited into Emirates Islamic Bank’s Kunooz Account enters a customer into the daily cash prize draw. Every Dh5000 deposited enters the customer into the monthly grand prize draw. Customers also earn profit on their monthly average balances, which are paid quarterly. To qualify for the draw, customers must open a Kunooz Savings Account with Emirates Islamic and maintain a minimum balance of Dh3000.

National Bonds

The leading UAE investment company, National Bonds offers its customers a wider and segmented range of rewards to facilitate their regular saving behaviour. Varying from a grand prize of two million dirham offered every three months to more than 40,000 prizes for regular savers & higher amount investors, National Bonds has rewards for every saver.

How much: Monthly prizes range from Dh50 to Dh100000 every month and there is a quarterly grand prize of Dh1m grand prize. Some are specifically designated, such as two monthly prizes of Dh10000 for women and two for minors.

How to win: The minimum purchase is Dh100 (10 units of Dh10), however there is a minimum balance fee of Dh20 for accounts of less than Dh3000. To increase the chances of winning, customers can sign up for myPlan which offers two chances per bond for a 12-month contract, three chances per bond for a 24-month plan and four chances per bond for a 36-month plan. Customers with higher amounts, also increase their chances of winning: those with a holding of Dh100000 double their chances, while those holding Dh250000 triple their chances.

Customers increase their chances of winning the longer they hold their bonds and also earn profit on them. Bonds are available at 556 nationwide locations including exchange houses and selected banks as well as online at www.nationalbonds.ae.

Mashreq Millionaire

It is the longest running and innovative saving scheme in the UAE known for having given prizes worth 33.4 million in 2017 and making 14 millionaires during the same year.

How much: The grand prize of Dh1m is drawn every calendar quarter and there are 50 monthly prizes of Dh1000 each and three prizes of Dh5000 each.

How to win: Customers can purchase the certificates from any Mashreq Bank branches, from the call centre or online at Mashreqbank.com. Each certificate costs Dh1000, with all certificates included in the draws. Customers do not earn any interest on their account. A minimum of five certificates must be purchased with every transaction. Account holders can also apply for a credit card and use an overdraft facility that allows them to claim up to 95 per cent of their original investment. Customers who use this are still eligible for the draw.

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