Dubai Police Supercars

Dubai Police Supercars

Dubai Police’s supercars are a sight to behold. Unlike the popular myth, the police cars are not for high speed chase and are actually for promoting the Dubai Police force and the City. Dubai Police’s supercars are mostly used in tourist areas of the city and offers the tourists a chance for tourists to take pictures with it. We are providing a catalog of Dubai Police’s supercars along with their pictures.

1. Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron

This is the fastest cop car in the world.

Top Speed: 430kp/h
Power: 1000bhp
0-100kp/h: 2.2s

2. Dubai Police Aston Martin One-77

Top Speed: 4354kp/h
Power: 750bhp
0-100kp/h: 3.5s


3. Dubai Police Lamborghini Aventador

Top Speed: 350kp/h
Power: 691bhp
0-100kp/h: 2.9s

4. Dubai Police Ferrari FF

Top Speed: 335kp/h
Power: 651bhp
0-100kp/h: 3.7s

5. Dubai Police McLaren MP4/12C

Top Speed: 333kp/h
Power: 616bhp
0-100kp/h: 2.9s

6. Dubai Police Bentley Continental GT

Top Speed: 318kp/h
Power: 552bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.8s

7. Dubai Police Nissan GTR

Top Speed: 311kp/h
Power: 542bhp
0-100kp/h: 3.2s

8. Dubai Police Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG

Top Speed: 300kp/h
Power: 530bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.0s

9. Dubai Police Lexus RC-F

Top Speed: 273kp/h
Power: 467bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.4s

10. Dubai Police Audi R8

Top Speed: 261kp/h
Power: 562bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.0s

11. Dubai Police BMW i8

Top Speed: 250kp/h
Power: 131bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.4s

12. Dubai Police Chevrolet Camaro SS

Top Speed: 250kp/h
Power: 426bhp
0-100kp/h: 5.5s

13. Dubai Police Ford Mustang Roush

Top Speed: 240kp/h
Power: 670bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.5s

14. Dubai Police Mercedes-Benz G Wagon Brabus

Top Speed: 240kp/h
Power: 700bhp
0-100kp/h: 4.9s

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