Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free: An ultimate Guide

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free: An ultimate Guide

What is Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free?

When Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free originally opened its doors at Abu Dhabi International Airport in 1992, it was able to fulfill Big Dreams. Big Ticket is now the world’s largest and longest-running raffle for cash prizes and luxury automobiles.

How to participate?

  • You just need to register on the website.
  • Fill out all the details.
  • Now that your account has been created, you can log in and enter the contest. However, you will have the option of purchasing a Big Ticket for a Grand Prize or a Supercar.

What is the cost?

A Guaranteed Cash Draw Big Ticket costs AED 500, and if you buy two, you’ll get the third one for free (as part of our 2+1 promotion). AED150 is required to purchase a Dream Car Draw Big Ticket.

How to withdraw your winnings?

  • Big Ticket’s Customer Service Team will contact you the same day after each monthly draw to let you know if you’ve won, using the contact information you supplied when you purchased your ticket.
  • The complete list of winners for the Cash Draw and Dream Car draw is always available on
  • Big Ticket will never contact you to verify your personal data.

How to get an online ticket?

  • It is easy to purchase online.
  • Or in person at the Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Duty-Free ticket booths Please double-check all of your personal information (including your name, date of birth, and contact information) before purchasing your ticket.

How does it work?

  • Until further notice, physical live draw events have been temporarily halted. On Facebook and YouTube, live draws are being held on a regular basis.

How to create a Big Ticket account?

  • Login to the website.
  • Provide all the details like a valid passport or Emirates ID.
  • After creating an account, you will receive an email.
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