Mashreq Millionaire: An ultimate Guide

Mashreq Millionaire: An ultimate Guide

What is Mashreq Millionaire?

Obtain Mashreq Millionaire Certificates by purchasing them. All rewards, including the AED 1,000,000 grand prize, require only one certificate. The government conducts monthly draws.

Every April, August, and December, watch for the AED 1 million big prize draw. Every month, you can also win one of 25 AED 1,000 prizes or three AED 5,000 prizes.

Who is eligible?

  • Every new transaction requires the purchase of at least three certificates.
  • 21 years and above
  • To be eligible for the draw, you must have at least one certificate.
  • Before the draw, the certificate must be kept for at least two days. The certificate will not be eligible for the subsequent draw if it is not purchased two days prior to the draw. It will, however, be eligible for subsequent draws.
  • All prizes are available with just one certificate.
  • Any application is subject to rejection by the bank.

What documents are required?

  • All expatriates must have a valid passport with a visa page. An authentic passport page with an entry stamp from the UAE is required for non-residents.
  • A valid Emirates ID / For non-residents your original passport.
  • These certificates are not transferrable and cannot be held jointly.

How do I know if I win?

  • The winners will be contacted by phone and SMS. As a result, please make sure that the Bank has your current and complete contact information at all times.

How to encash the certificate?

  • You can cash your certificates in full or in part at any Mashreq branch or online. If you purchased certificates from the branch or have a winning certificate, you must encash them there.
  • If you bought certificates online, you can use the Mashreq Mobile app or the Mashreq website to redeem them.

What is the draw date?

Draw Date Thursday 26-May-2022
Prize Structure 3 Prizes of AED 5,000, 25 Prizes of AED 1,000
Winners Announcement Friday 27-May-2022



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