How to become a lucky draw millionaire in Dubai, UAE?

How to become a lucky draw millionaire in Dubai, UAE?

Winning a significant financial prize would make anyone delighted, especially since some UAE jackpots currently exceed a million dirhams.

Tips to become a lucky draw millionaire in Dubai.

1. Mabrook Savings Account

With a minimum balance of Dh10,000, open an account with Commercial Bank International. For every Dh500 in their accounts during the preceding month, customers would be eligible for an additional prize draw entry. The account comes with a free foreign debit card and life insurance, as well as 0.1 percent interest paid twice a year.

2. Mashreq Millionaire

A Mashreq Millionaire certificate costs Dh1,000 and can be redeemed in full or in part at any time. Interest is not earned. The certificates can be purchased at any Mashreq branch without being a Mashreq client, and existing customers can also purchase them online. Every transaction must include a minimum of five certificates. A Department of Economic Development officer conducts the drawing.

3. Al Awwal Savings Certificate

Union National Bank locations sell certificates in values of Dh100, Dh200, and Dh500. There is no application charge, but there is a 2% penalty if the certificates are cashed in before the end of the lock-in period, which is 30 days for the monthly draw and 60 days for the bi-monthly draw. The minimum investment amount to qualify for the Dh1m is Dh20,000. The minimum for the Dh100,000 reward is Dh5,000, while the Dh1,000 and Dh100 awards require Dh1,000.

4. Kunooz Savings Account

Customers must open a Kunooz Savings Account with Emirates Islamic Bank and keep a minimum balance of Dh3,000 in order to qualify. Customers get one chance to win the monthly grand prize for every Dh5,000 saved in their account. For every Dh1,000 saved, customers get one chance to win one of the daily cash prizes.

5. ADCB Millionaire Savings accounts

To be eligible for the prize drawings, you must open an account with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and maintain a Dh5,000 average monthly balance. You will be entered into the draw again for every extra Dh1,000 you save. The account comes with a debit card that gives you immediate access to your funds and has no lock-in period or withdrawal penalties.

6. ADIB Ghina Savings

To qualify for a welcome draw entry, create a Ghina account with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank for at least Dh20,000. You earn an extra draw voucher for every Dh20,000 in savings. Customers with balances over Dh250,000 for the entire calendar month will receive an extra draw coupon for every four coupons. To be eligible for the grand prize draw, the account user must have at least four coupons. Per draw, each account is limited to 1,000 entries.

7. Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire

Each Millennium Millionaire ticket costs Dh1,000. Finest Surprise tickets cost Dh500 and are restricted to 1,300 or 2,300 for high-end vehicles like Bentleys, McLarens, and Aston Martins. Each set of motorcycle tickets costs Dh100 and is limited to 1,000. Tickets are available for purchase online or at Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International and Al Maktoum International Airports.

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