“Deepavali (Diwali) Festival of Lights Celebration in Dubai”

“Deepavali (Diwali) Festival of Lights Celebration in Dubai”

Deepavali (Diwali) Festival of Lights 2021 in Dubai

In Dubai, Diwali is the most important Hindu festival, which celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The Festival of Lights is a metaphor for knowledge, and “light” is a metaphor for knowledge.

The days are very festive, with a lot of music, dancing, and dining, as well as some Hindu customs.

Diwali is a 5-day event in Dubai, with the main Diwali coming on the third day of the New Moon. Dhanteras and Choti Diwali are the two festivals that precede Diwali, and Goverdhan Pooja and Bhai Dooj are the two festivals that follow it.

When is Deepavali 2021 fall in Dubai?

Deepavali (also known as Diwali) falls on Thursday, November 4th this year 2021, and with it comes a public holiday!


How is Diwali celebrated in Dubai?

Diwali is a 5-day event in Dubai, with the main Diwali coming on the third day of the New Moon. Dhanteras and Choti Diwali are the two festivals that precede Diwali, and Goverdhan Pooja and Bhai Dooj are the two festivals that follow it.

1. Dhanteras

The first day of Diwali in Dubai begins with a brass, silver, or gold utensil. Shopping for decorations, lights, sweets, and everyday necessities in Dubai’s markets is regarded as a highly sacred day.

Dubai’s markets are bustling with people, and confectionery shops are brimming with eager consumers. People also buy gifts for their family and friends, from candy to gold and silver jewelry.

2. Choti Diwali

This day, the day before the main event is utilized to finalize all of the preparations for the next day. Making sweets at home, visiting close relatives and friends, and exchanging gifts are all examples of this. Lights, diyas, and candles are used to illuminate homes and buildings.

3. Diwali

As the big day approaches, everyone dons their best traditional Indian garb and worships Laxmi and Ganesh, the Hindu Gods of Wealth and Protection. It’s an evening spent playing indoor games like cards, dancing, and singing with family and friends.

Households in Dubai are not permitted to use fireworks; however, the Emirates can be seen lighting up the sky with pyrotechnics.

4. Goverdhan Pooja

Hindus in Dubai cook a massive vegetarian lunch the day after Diwali and offer it to Lord Krishna.

Hindus will be serving home-cooked vegetarian dinners at Langars all across the city. Several Indian eateries provide unique menus.

5. Bhai Duj

Bhai Dooj is the day for cousins and siblings to get together. A sister gives her brother sweets in exchange for his brother giving her gifts and promising to protect her.

Where to celebrate the Diwali festival in Dubai?

The festival will continue to be held around the country as all safety procedures are taken. Dubai will celebrate Diwali in a variety of ways:

Firework and fountains: 

Lightings, fireworks, and entertainment are all part of the Diwali celebrations. However, all of these items will be available to you in Dubai this year as well.

The event will be celebrated on a big scale in the Global Village, which is now open to the public, with the UAE’s best representation of Indian customs, culture, and food at the India Pavilion.

Firework at Dubai Creek

2. Diwali Utsav exhibition

While Diwali is known for its lights, sweets, and festivities, it is also known for its traditional clothing purchasing. And if you want to look Instagram-worthy for Diwali, go to the Grand Excelsior Hotel Bur Dubai’s Diwali Utsav exhibition. With around 40 exhibitors from India and the United Arab Emirates.

Diwali Utsav exhibition

3. Themed shows and deals At Al Seef

This year, Al Seef is ready to help you enjoy Diwali a little more. The creekside leisure area will have its own Festival of Lights activities.

Moreover, you can save money on food, lodging, entertainment, and much more. For Diwali, Al Seef souq will also have fantastic deals.

Al Seef

4. Burj Khalifa

To commemorate the festival of lights, the majestic Burj Khalifa also turns on its lights. Spend the evening at the Burj Khalifa, viewing the illumination spectacle.

Most importantly, If you’re in Dubai, the world-famous sunset view from the Observation Deck on the 148th level is a must-see. The view from the top of the Burj Khalifa will leave you in awe of the country’s architectural prowess.

Burj Khalifa

5. Ferrari World

Celebrate Diwali in the world’s largest Ferrari theme park. Aside from the rides, you may participate in Diwali festivities such as foreign artist performances, rangoli creations, Diya painting, lantern lighting, and more.

Ferrari World

6. Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Additionally, Dine on a traditional Dhow Cruise Dubai for a memorable Diwali supper. A premium dining experience is available, as well as a variety of live entertainment shows.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Can we burn crackers on Deepavali in Dubai?

Crackers are banned in Dubai. Anyone caught selling explosives in Dubai during the Diwali holiday faces a three-month jail sentence or a 5,000 dirham ($1,361) punishment.

Event organizers will need approval from the Dubai Police and Dubai Municipality before utilizing the firecrackers.
Fireworks and crackers, according to the police, can endanger both people and property.

Moreover, it creates material damage and environmental pollution.

Where to watch the fireworks for Diwali?

Firecrackers can be only enjoyed at Events and exhibitions.

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