How to get EV Green Charging (Charger) card in Dubai? Procedure, Documents required, Cost

How to get EV Green Charging (Charger) card in Dubai? Procedure, Documents required, Cost

Apply and obtain EV Green Charging (Charger) card in Dubai: Procedures

  1. Visit DEWA website / DEWA Customer Happiness Centre / DEWA app / Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by calling Customer Care Centre at 04-6019999and create an EV account first.
  2. Choose the option whether you are applying for yourself or your company or government.
  3. Enter the vehicle plate number, where your vehicle is registered
  4. Enter the traffic code number, plate code
  5. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step.
  6. Once you have entered and registered all the details, EV Green Charging (Charger) card will be automatically issued with in 3 working days to the customer’s address.
  7. Registered EV accounts customers can start charging within 1 hour after completing the registration process through scanning QR Code placed on the Green Charger Stations.

Documents required:

For individual

For Business

For Government:

  • Vehicle license (Mulkiya).

EV Charging Fees:

Security Deposit

For individual (non-commercial), it is free of charge up to 31 Dec 2021
For Business (Commercial): AED 500/-
For Government: Exempted from Security Deposit


Green Charger Card Delivery Charges

Individual (non-commercial): Free card delivery up to 31 December 2021
Business (Commercial): AED 20/-
Government: AED 20/-

*VAT will be charged as applicable

Processing time: 3 working days.

How to deactivate the DEWA EV charger card?

  1. Visit DEWA website / DEWA application
  2. Click Deactivate EV Green Charger Card.
  3. Keep your Emirates ID (individual) / letter head stamped and signed (companies) in hand.
  4. Once you have settled all the bills, your account will be deactivated automatically
  5. You can also do the same procedure by emailing DEWA to

List of DEWA Electric Car (EV) Charging Station in Dubai, UAE

Click here to find the list of EV charging stations in Dubai address, map location.

What are the types of charger, Charging cost available with DEWA EV Charge?

S.No Charger Type Charging Package Consumption Fees Including Vat 5% (AED)
1 WALLBOX/PUBLIC 30 (Minutes) 3.35 (AED)
2 WALLBOX/PUBLIC 60 (Minutes) 6.7 (AED)
3 WALLBOX/PUBLIC 90 (Minutes) 10.05 (AED)
4 WALLBOX/PUBLIC 120 (Minutes) 13.4 (AED)
5 FASTCHARGER50-AC (43KW) 30 (Minutes) 6.55 (AED)
6 FASTCHARGER50-AC (43KW) 60 (Minutes) 13.09 (AED)
7 FASTCHARGER50-DC 30 (Minutes) 7.61 (AED)
8 FASTCHARGER50-DC 60 (Minutes) 15.23 (AED)
9 FASTCHARGER150-DC 30 (Minutes) 22.84 (AED)
10 FASTCHARGER150-DC 60 (Minutes) 45.68 (AED)

DEWA customer care contact phone number, email, website

If you have any problem or complaints, please contact DEWA customer care by

Phone: 04- 601 9999



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