How to get driving license in Dubai? 

How to get driving license in Dubai? 

Getting driving license in Dubai

 It is always a privilege to drive your own car in UAE although there are a variety of public transport options, which are very efficient, connecting almost any locations in the UAE.  To get driving license in Dubai is not easy, given the rigorous evaluation tests that even experience drivers may fail in the first round. Probationary license is offered to youngsters aged 18-21 years of age, you can apply after they clear the different rounds of tests.

Procedure to get driving license in Dubai

  1. Register for a driving license course in one of the authorized driving schools by opening your RTA file.

Authorized Driving Schools in Dubai

  1. You can opt to register for either automatic or manual gear transmission for their car driving license. Automatic license holders are not permitted to drive manual gear vehicles.
  2. You need to get an eye test done either with an optician or at your driving school
  3. The training course begins with lectures on road signals, hazards and guidelines on safe-drivingand it is mandatory to take all the lectures for 8 hours before starting practical training classes.
  4. Take the Theory Test which includes total of 35 questions, 17 on general traffic situations and 18 questions related to the applied driving license.
  5. At least 12 correct answers are necessary to be eligible for the road test.
  6. Take the Risks Recognition Test which contains a few videos that depicts specific environmental conditions and asks the candidate how he/she can cope with them.
  7. Once you pass the two tests, a pre-evaluation test is necessary for students who have signed up for 30 and 20 classes to evaluate their driving experience.
  8. After passing this, students can begin their practical training.
  9. Students who do not possess any driving license (from any country) have to register for 40 classes.
  • Students possessing their country’s license which is 2-5 years old have to take 30 classes.
  • Students possessing their country’s license which is more than 5 years old have to take 20 classes.
  • After your practical training classes, you have to first book for your RTA parking test and assessment test.
  1. After clearing your assessment test, you will complete your highway training before going for the final road test.
  2. Road Test: On the date assigned, go with all your documents: your passport, driving file, two photos to the RTA License Section. Fill up and submit the application form and fees of approximate Dh200 for the road test. Once your name is called out, go with the RTA inspector to the designated car. You will be given just a few minutes to demonstrate your driving skills.

Documents required for Dubai driving license

  • Passport (original and copy) with residence stamp, No-Objection Certificate from employer and eight photos.
  • The receipt of the eye test must be submitted at your driving school.
  • Theory test fee of Dh200
  • Dh200 for the road test and relevant ID , driving file and two photos

Those who have a valid UAE driving license from any emirate can get their driving file transferred from that emirate to Dubai RTA before opening a file for any other vehicle category. If you do not have a driving license or have never driven before, then you must undergo training.

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