How to set up and register for a food business from home in Dubai?

For every small to large business / business start from home, you need a trade license

Procedure to set up a food business from home in Dubai

  • You must first submit an application for your trade license before you can begin the process of opening your catering or food delivery service.
  • If you’re setting up on the mainland, you can do this directly with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), or you can set up in one of the UAE’s free zones.
  • Second, any activities involving food must receive licenses from the emirate’s municipal government.
  • Log on to the website.
  • The license must be used on commercial property, and it must be renewed annually after the first two-year period.

Documents Required

  • Name of the Existing License
  •  Emirates ID
  • Details of Business Site Location
  • The issued license on the site

Where to register?

  • You can register through the website.

Tips to run a safe environment

  • The state of the firm can be determined by cleanliness. When hygiene is prioritized, it not only assures that every employee’s health.
  • They choose electrical outlets and caterers who offer wonderful cuisine, lovely surroundings, and above-par hygiene.
  • Use a solution of lukewarm water and also detergent to clean all surfaces.
  • The procedure must be followed to ensure that bacteria that taint or harm food are eliminated.
  • No matter how thoroughly you clean and maintain the kitchen, if the individuals handling the food are not immaculate, the effort fails.

How to Sell food online in Dubai?

  • It will be necessary to add the following pertinent activities to the firm license in order to fully protect yourself: online and social media shopping.
  • These activities can be used for marketing and selling on your website as well as on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • As a start-up, you must learn how to properly price and portion meals as well as how to locate the best supplies from distributors and bargain for the best pricing for home-cooked meal service in Dubai.

Procedure to import or export food online

  • Original health certificates with texts attesting to the compliance and conformity of the consignment’s contents with import requirements and, where applicable, sanitary and phytosanitary requirements, issued by the competent authority or an officially recognized body in the country of origin or export with food consignments.
  • List of ingredients from the manufacturer’s packing list, including the date the container was filled, the types and amounts of food, and the production and expiration dates for each food item or shipment.
  • Bill of Entry / Customs Declaration, Delivery order, or Bill of Lading.
  • According to the UAE and Gulf legislation in this regard, supporting documentation on the legality of the claim given by the appropriate authorities in the country of origin must be provided in cases where nutritional, health, or Halal claims are made on the label.
  • When necessary, the temperature measurements log is kept while transporting cold or frozen consignments.
  • DED may seek any more official papers produced by the nation’s relevant authorities.
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