How to apply and obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to request a new trade license (new company/branch/counter)?

How to apply and obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to request a new trade license (new company/branch/counter)?

Why NOC is required?

It is also known as a No objection letter in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s a legal document that can be issued by any agency, firm, institution, or even an individual in some circumstances. Let’s check out how to get NOC for a new trade license in Dubai.

Knowing when you need one is essential. It’s important to recognize which situations necessitate requesting a NOC from your company or sponsor.

NOC for a new trade license in Dubai.

NOC is required for :

  • Opening a bank account or internet account in Dubai
  • Obtain a UAE driving license
  • Buying a new car
  • Renewing/adding activity to your business activity
  • Adding a partner to your business
  • Opening a  new branch
  • Changing jobs from a private company to another company.
  • Lift a labor ban

Procedure to apply and obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for a new company/counter/branch?

  • You can visit the website.
  • Choose the activity
  • Add the activity
  • Upload the documents
  • Pay the required fees

What is the eligibility (NOC for new trade license in Dubai)

  • Licensed companies by RTA are eligible to apply for this service.

What Documents are required? (NOC for new trade license in Dubai)

  • Licensing authorities have given preliminary clearance (Dubai Economy – Free Zones)
  • Passport copies of all the partner’s
  • Emirate Id of all citizen
  • In the event that a citizen is unable to produce a proper identity, a passport should be carried.
  • Valid visit or residence visa for partners
  • NOC from the sponsor for non-GCC citizens as partners
  • Letter of commitment to follow the terms and conditions of the proposed activity.
  • Some corporate activity may require the approval of other government agencies .

Service fees

Activity Number Activity Name Fees (AED)
159 Transport of passengers by public buses between cities 4,000
602103 Transport of passengers on international routes 1,000
160 Transport of passengers in rented buses 2,000
172 Transport of passengers in tourism buses 4,000
170 Transport of cargo in heavy trucks 1,000
164 Transport of water 1,000
165 Transport of refrigerated goods 1,000
167 Transport in specialized vehicles 1,000
168 Transport of vehicles 1,000
171 Transport of cargo by light trucks 1,000
169 Transport of stalled vehicles 1,000
990008 Management of vehicles’ fleets 5,000
157 Rental of bus 1,000
161 Rental of public trucks 1,000
162 Rental of specialized vehicles 1,000
15260 Rental of bicycles 1,000
27 Rental of recreational motorcycles 1,000
622 Rental of wheeled and motorized lifting, loading, building, and construction equipment and machines 1,000
809009 Vehicle driving institutes 5,000
809055 Advanced driving institutes 3,000
809056 Technical driving institutes 3,000
15254 Rental of mobile houses 1,000
15253 Rental of motorcycles 1,000
166 Transport of cash, jewellery and valuable items 1,000
163 Transport of petroleum materials 1,000
602311 Transport of toxic materials 1,000
602315 Transport of radioactive materials 1,000
5 Rental of vehicles 1,000
173 Rental of liquid gas tankers 1,000
502020 Dynamic Maintenance Services (Mechanic, electrician, tires, air conditioning) 1,000
77 Transport by tanks that pump out and transport wastewater 1,000
504004 Transport and tow of broken motorcycles 1,000
602211 Transport of passengers by classical vehicles 1,000
602319 Transport of animals 1,000
602320 Transport of animals feed and forage 1,000
602321 Transport by road of raw materials 1,000
641106 Transport of files and documents 1,000
711119 Rental of vehicle transport vehicles 1,000
711121 Rental of vehicles that collect, remove and transport garbage 1,000
602322 Transport of used and new furniture 1,000
900001 Transport by vehicles that collect, remove and transport garbage 1,000
990074 Transport of explosives (hazardous materials) 1,000
990076 Permit to provide the passenger’s transport service through Call Centre, electronic channels and smart applications 500
749916060 Sale of goods using the vehicle 1,000
602314 Transport and tow of boats by road 1,000
711104 Rental of driving test vehicles 1,000
711114 Rental of electric bicycles 1,000
711117 Rental of tanks that pump out and transport wastewater 1,000
630320 Services related to organizing heavy transportation on roads 1,000
990087 Training services and activities related to transport services 1,000
641201 Home Delivery Services 1,000
630106 Logistics services 1,000
505002 Vehicle fuel distribution 1,000
514106 Gas home delivery 1,000
711120 Rental of refrigerated vehicles 1,000
990053 Transport passengers using non-emergency vehicles (Awnak) 1,000
990075 Hourly vehicle rental 2,000
990086 Entertainment circuit operator 500
711109 Rental of racing cars 1,000
469 Vehicle registration services 1,000
179 Transport of packages and letters 1,000
689 Vehicle technical inspection 2,000
7710015 Use electronic channels, smart applications, or any other means in vehicle rental 1,000
749916001 Desert driving institute 3,000
749916033 Electrical scooter 1,000
749916059 Managing transportation and delivery requests through electronic platforms and smart applications 1,000
990046 Trade of vehicle numbers 500
4922008 School transport Free
  • 2,000 AED fees for the security system training of the vehicle rental companies
  • + 20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.

What is the Process time

  • 3 to 5 working days.
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