Buying a Used Car in Dubai, UAE?: What if the used car has more fine at the time you buy? How to check & resolve the issue?

How to buy a used car in Dubai, UAE?

Buying a second hand / used car in Dubai has a lot of option. Choose the option to Buy from reputed selling places listed below (Note: Always check for the rating and decide).

In recent news, Selling a car in Dubai and incurring an extra fine of AED 30,000 can be a challenging situation, especially if you don’t have enough funds to cover it. However, with the right approach and the help of the Road Transport Authority (RTA), you can effectively overcome this situation even with limited funds. The following are the steps on how to deal with RTA penalties (Report a minor accident)when selling cars in Dubai.

What if the second hand car has more fine at the time you buy from the seller?

How to resolve the issue and Contact RTA?

Understand the Penalty details :

Details of penalties should be comprehended. Proceed accordingly by examining the supporting documentation, amount charged, and details of the penalty to understand the reason behind the violation. Thoroughly examine these aspects to gain a clear understanding of the breach.

Contact RTA :

If you are looking to overcome the consequences and weigh up alternatives, then reaching out to the RTA is your first port of call. Contact the RTA’s customer service channels or visit their service centers. By contacting them, you can seek guidance on the appropriate course of action and receive advice based on your specific situation.


Explore payment arrangements:

If it is not possible to pay the fine in advance due to financial constraints, consider applying to the RTA for a payment arrangement. Clearly explain your inability to pay the full amount immediately and provide supporting documentation to support your case. The RTA should be willing to provide you with a structured payment plan that allows you to settle the fines within a manageable time frame.

Request for a reduction of the fine:

In certain cases, the RTA may consider reducing the fine on request. This usually applies to minor offenses or situations involving extenuating circumstances. Build a strong case, gather supporting evidence and formally submit an application to the RTA asking for a reduced fine. If you are successful, you may be able to pay the fine at a discounted rate or have it included in an agreed payment plan.

Seek Legal help :

If the previous options have not yielded satisfactory results, it may be advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer specializing in traffic offenses and RTA penalties. An expert can thoroughly investigate the matter, explore legal remedies and ensure your rights are protected. They can also propose alternative solutions to effectively deal with sanctions.

Consider selling the car to offset the fine:

Using the proceeds from selling your car is a viable option if you can’t cover the extra fee and need to flee the country. However, be sure to inform buyers of the penalty and adjust the sale price accordingly to dodge legal troubles. Maintenance of transparency is very important.

Liability for the offense penalty

If the buyer agrees and the RTA provides guidance, you may be able to transfer the penalty liability to the new owner. This process involves meeting the necessary transfer and ownership procedures while dealing with sanctions responsibly. Work closely with the RTA to ensure all requirements are met to avoid future complications.

Get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) :

Apply for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTA before leaving the country. This document confirms that there are no pending penalties or issues related to the vehicle. Obtaining an NOC is usually a prerequisite for transferring ownership and exporting the vehicle. But note that the RTA cannot issue a NOC until the fine is paid in full.

Facing a hefty AED 30,000 fine when selling a car in Dubai may seem overwhelming at first, but there are potential solutions. By understanding the terms of the penalty, contacting the RTA, arranging payment plans or reducing penalties, seeking legal help if needed and considering options such as selling the vehicle or transferring penalty liability, you can work to resolve the penalty situation when you sell your car. Remember to maintain open communication with the RTA throughout the process to ensure a smooth resolution.

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