How to check rta traffic fines and pay online?

How to check rta traffic fines and pay online?

How to check rta fines in your registered vehicle number?

You can check fines here by the following ways

  • Enter your plate details such as vehicle plate number and select the emirate, select the category (for which department you need to pay fine) (or)
  • Enter your License number and select an emirate (or)
  • Enter your Fine number and select the fine source (or)
  • Enter Traffic file number (TC no) which is located in your driving license

The above mentioned is the procedure to find rta fines.

How to pay rta fines online?

  • Go to rta traffic web page
  • Search your fines from any of the method mentioned above.
  • A valid GCC credit card or debit card to make the payment.

For more details, visit here


How to pay rta Dubai metro fines online or through email or customer care call centre or Dubai metro station?

Customers can pay rta Dubai metro fines through email or rta call centre or Dubai metro stations.

You can check the simple procedure or how to apply through the link

Validity: 30 days

How to check Abu Dhabi traffic fines and pay online?

RTA customer care support number: 800 90 90

Dubai police customer care contact number: 901

How to pay fines through Dubai Police Website and Self service Kiosk?

You can pay through the Police website by sign in and check the fines. Visit here for more details

Abu Dhabi Police contact number and email

Emergency number: 999
Aman Service

Phone: 8002626

Abu Dhabi Police Call Center

Phone: 8003333

Abu Dhabi Police Operator

Phone: 024461461
Abu Dhabi police website:

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