Watching Your Diet? Now Calorie Count on Menus

Watching Your Diet? Now Calorie Count on Menus

Another great move towards healthy lifestyle….

Going out for a bite with friends while watching your health can give you a second thought, but for those watching their diet; this goes for you – All Dubai eateries will be listing the calorie count next to every food item in their menus. From the salad that might appear healthy to the burger that looks delicious, you can see their calorie count displayed in the menus. And for those dining out a lot in Dubai, well, soon you might not be able to munch on that big fat burger without thinking first about how many calories are in the meal.

Calorie Count on Menus

Calorie count on menus

The initiative taken by Dubai Municipality will oblige all café, restaurants and eateries to be fully transparent in declaring calories on all foods.  It will encourage restaurants to provide healthy and tasty meals to consumers. Also it will give consumers the ability to choose food that suits their health. And if you’re following a diet plan, calorie count on menus will help keep a track of the food you order and serve as a great step to watch your eating habits.

It Works Better for Women

A study has revealed that women are far more likely to slash their calorie intake if the menu clearly shows what each food item contains. However, some brands including McDonald’s and Starbucks do it voluntarily. And in doing so, women were more responsive than men when it came to the menus. To add on, the calorie counted menu also worked better for those who were overweight. Perhaps, they slashed 67 calories on average from their choice of meal.


Dubai Municipality New Rule

The new rule will be implemented in 2 phases. As per the circular issued, restaurants, cafeterias and cafes with more than 5 branches need to display calories count in menus from November. All other restaurants, hotels and catering establishments need to implement the new rule in the second phase in January 2020.

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