Here’s Where To Find All Dubai’s Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Here’s Where To Find All Dubai’s Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Time to reflect and give back! And what could be better than the Ramadan Sharing Fridges!

With only a few days until Ramadan begins, the Ramadan sharing fridges are back for 2019 and their map lists every fridge in Dubai making it easier for you to get involved. You can not only locate the registered fridges, but also monitor their contents via the dedicated ‘communityfridge’ App.

About Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Ramadan Sharing Fridges
Ramadan Sharing Fridges

The free food fridges first popped up around Dubai in 2016 when an Australian mother from Perth, started the project with about 30 fridges. Later, under the patronage of the Emirates Red Crescent, the number of Ramadan Fridges increased at different areas of the city. Stocked with water, milk, fruits and biscuits by a network of volunteers throughout the month, these community-run fridges make sure that the workers of Dubai have access to food and water during the Holy Month.

How to find the Ramadan Sharing Fridges?

There are about 150 fridges spread across Dubai from Jebel Ali to Al Mizhar on the Sharjah border. They are identified on the map by a colored place marker. Each area has its own color so it’s easy for you to locate one in your neighborhood. If you click on the marker, it will open an information box giving more details about each fridge like the physical address and the contact details of the manager. Check the operating hours too as some fridges are open all day while others have restricted timings.

When does the Ramadan fridge open?

Officially it begins on the first day of Ramadan, 6th May this year and ends after Eid.


How to get involved?

This Holy month, you can contribute to your nearest community fridge by adding all types of dry food. This includes fruit, vegetables, canned goods and drinks. Just a reminder: hot or cooked items are not accepted. Also to take responsibility for a fridge near you, you can email to . Don’t forget, registration is opened until May 5.


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