How to renew Yemeni passport from Dubai? Procedure, Documents required, cost

Procedure and Documents required for renewing Yemeni passport from Dubai

  • The passport holder’s physical presence and the location of the photo’s source are both important considerations.
  • One modern 6 x 4-inch photograph with a white background and no headcover for males so they can clearly see their ears. Photographs of women with their heads covered should be taken no more than six months after the last visit.
  • Forms are printed by a qualified official.
  • Form Officer’s front cover has been signed and imprinted.
  • Payment fees by cash only.
  • Once received the new passport bring your old passport.

Changing Information in the passport (To change age or name)

  • To add the title, you’ll need the father’s electronic passport or court order, as well as the old birth certificate.
  • For births outside of Yemen, the Yemeni electronic card must first be updated and the old birth certificate certified for births must be submitted.
  • First, the birth certificate and electronic card must be updated at the place of birth if the first name is changed.
  • This will be followed by an official certificate from the consulate, which will state that it has no objections to the name change being made.


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