How to register occupants in Dubai REST app?

What is Dubai REST?

Dubai REST (Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction) is a digital platform to manage end real estate activities by owners, tenants and other service providers.

Enable the app in your device to access your properties through the real estate wallet where the wallet provides information about the property’s current prices, rental return and service charge.

Step by step procedure to register the Dubai Occupants / residents through REST (Real Estate Self Transaction) app

All the owners, developers, property management companies and tenants should complete the process. Residents can register co-occupants via the Dubai REST app. All the co-occupants who are staying in a month or more should be registered.

  1. Visit
  2. If you are a registered user through DLD website or through the REST App, you can login with the UAE pass and authenticate
  3. Select whether you are an owner or a tenant from the dashboard
  4. Select Manage Co-occupants to proceed.
  5. If there are additional member to add, select “Add more”
  6. Enter your Emirates ID and Co-occupants Date of birth
  7. Select “Verify”
  8. In this order, add all the members of your family who lives in the property.
  9. Once completed, the co-occupants details will be automatically updated in the tenancy contract

How to register for the new user and add the Occupants in Dubai REST app / DLD website?

  1. Register through the website
  2. Enter the Emirates ID, personal details
  3. Upload the required documents and register
  4. Then follow the above procedure to register the co-occupants.

Documents required:

Download the Dubai REST App for Apple (iPhone / iPad, MAC) and Google pay store (Android)

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