How to get a new gas connection in Dubai?: Procedure, Documents required

How to get a new gas connection in Dubai?: Procedure, Documents required

How to get a new gas connection in Dubai?

If you have moved to Emirates, especially to Dubai and busy with setting up your home, getting a gas connection would be  definitely in your  To-do List in Dubai. Cooking gas has seen a significant demand as an essential fuel in the past few decades. Lets discuss in detail about  getting a new gas connection and transfer of gas connection in Dubai.

In short,

Step 1: Should have any residential address proof for the connection, photos, licence, etc.

Step 2: Then go online and search gas connection service near by and then pick a result and read all conditions then apply for the connection.

Domestic Gas in UAE:

  • Domestic gas in the UAE is typically used in the kitchen for gas stoves.
  • The supply can be provided through a central piped supply or in canisters, depending on which company you use.
  • The industry is reasonably well regulated and regular inspections are common.

Gas suppliers

Domestic gas in the UAE is largely provided by two companies:

  2. Emirates Gas.

These are both private companies.

The only exception is the Emirate of Sharjah, where gas supplies are provided by the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, a public organization.

Getting a new Gas connection in Dubai

  • In Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Emirates Gas is widely used. The company provides LPG containers for domestic use through a verified network of distributors.

Procedure to Get a New Gas Connection in Dubai

Step 1: Contact the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) through their website( ) or by visiting their customer happiness centers to request a new gas connection or to transfer an existing one.

Step 2: Documents Required: It includes,

  1. A copy of your Emirates ID
  2. A copy of the tenancy contract
  3. The DEWA registration form.

Step 3: DEWA will conduct a feasibility study to determine if a gas connection is possible in customer area.

Step 4: If the feasibility study is positive, you will receive a quotation for the connection fee, security deposit, and any other charges.

Step 5: Pay the connection fee and security deposit. The fees and charges may vary depending on the specific area and type of gas connection you need.

Step 6: DEWA will install the gas connection and provide you with the necessary documents and instructions.

To Transfer Gas connection

Step 1: On transferring an existing gas connection, you will need to submit a request to DEWA and provide the necessary documents.( )

Step 2: DEWA will conduct an inspection of the new location to ensure that it meets the necessary safety requirements.

Step 3: After the inspection is complete and the connection fee and security deposit are paid, DEWA will transfer the gas connection to the new location.

Important Note: The process and requirements may vary depending on the specific area and type of Gas connection you need. It is best to contact DEWA directly for more information and guidance.

Cost of gas connection:

  • The estimated security deposit is AED 1,000 (USD 272) and may vary depending on the provider.
  • Activation fee may vary depending on the contractor fee which is about AED 500 (USD 136).

Here’s a list of Dubai’s Top Gas Cylinder Delivery Companies

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