COP 28 Dubai Latest Updates on Metro timing, New Bus Routes, Guided Road Signs, Free Parking

COP 28 Dubai Latest Updates on Metro timing, New Bus Routes, Guided Road Signs, Free Parking

Do you know Expo city is free to enter during COP28?

Yes, it’s free entry

COP 28 Dubai Zones

Blue Zone – Official Delegations

Green Zone: Representatives of Business, Public, 18 th UNCCCOY (United Nation Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18)) participants


COP 28 Dubai – Changes in Metro Timing

The main access point Expo 2020 Metro Station will have a change in the timing where the operating hours are from 5 am until 1 am.

Free Parking during climate Change Conference

RTA announced there will be free multi level car parking available at the following station

  • Centrepoint,
  • Etisalat by e&, and
  • Jebel Ali Station

Cop 28 Nol Card

Public transport is free to use for the official delegates during the conference. Free nol card during the conference

RTA Dubai New Bus Routes to Expo City

RTA has announced changes in bus routes and included 67 biofuel-powered buses, complemented by 10 electric buses, to serve visitors at four stops within Expo City Dubai.

New Bus Routes for the public transport users to conference such as JBR, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta and other key areas in the city to Expo City

Taxi Goers to COP 28 Conference Dubai

Visitors can use 10,000 hybrid taxis and 1,000 electric luxury vehicles during COP 28. There are 4 designated stops at the following: Opportunity Gate, Mobility Gate, Sustainability Gate and the Metro Gate

COP 28 Road Signs

Visitors could not get any confusion since the road signs clearly indicates the direction

Moreover, RTA will issue Complimentary Pre Charged Nol cards for the young visitors and participants in order to reduce carbon emissions

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