How to Recharge NOL Card at RTA Metro / Bus Ticket Machine

How to Recharge NOL Card at RTA Metro / Bus Ticket Machine

Nol Card recharge and ticket vending machines are located in every Metro station and all bus stations and main bus stops. The machines do not issue new NOL cards, but can be used to recharge existing NOL cards or to activate monthly passes on your NOL cards.

This is the procedure to recharge a NOL card using cash:

Step 1: Place the NOL card on the NOL card slot of the machine. Touch the screen if the screen does not activate automatically. The screen will now show the current available balance on the NOL card. Select Card Topup from the screen.

Step 2: Select the amount that you wish to recharge for. The machine only accepts currency notes and does not give balance, so always keep the exact amount ready.


Step 3: Select Cash for cash payments. For credit card payments, one can select credit card.

Step 4: Insert the cash into the cash slot of the machine. Once the machine receives the selected value, it will automatically credit the money into the NOL card. Do not remove the NOL card from the slot until the machine completes the loading and shows the “Print Receipt” screen.

For those who find the procedure too complicated, there is always the counters of RTA at metro stations and bus stations to get it done from the RTA person in the counters. But there is always a queue at these counters and above procedure helps to skip the queue and get the recharge done quickly.

And, tap your NOL card on the Metro Turnstile while boarding the Dubai Metro. The screen will show the available balance on the card while checking in. On checkout, the screen will show the balance and the charge for the completed trip.

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