Types Of Bans In UAE

Types Of Bans In UAE
If you are working in the UAE, it is important to know and understand the various types of visa ban in UAE. As the name relates, the ban prohibits a person from entering the country or from taking up a new job. So knowing the various types of bans in UAE will help you immensely to understand and follow the dos and don’ts to avoid getting a ban. Given below are a few visa ban rules in UAE.

Types of Bans in UAE

There are three types of ban in United Arab Emirates.

Immigration Ban or Residence Ban in Dubai, UAE

All countries with the exception of UAE and GCC nationals need permission from the Ministry of Immigration to enter in UAE or any part of UAE. If you have immigration ban in UAE, then you are not allowed to enter UAE or obtain residency in UAE. Also known as Residence ban, it is issued by the Department of Naturalization and Immigration in UAE, which is part of Ministry of Interior.

Reasons of Immigration Ban

You can be banned from entering any emirate of UAE if you have immigration ban owing to the below given reasons.
  • Criminal Offences
  • Fake passports entry and exits
  • Illegal visa entry or exit
  • Drugs
  • Weapons or ammunition case
  • Murder case
  • Violence
  • Bounced cheques
  • Serious abusing case with UAE citizens
  • Theft case
  • Rape case
  • Inappropriate relationship
  • Breaking serious rules and regulations of UAE Government

How to Remove Immigration Ban in Dubai, UAE?

The question most often asked is how to remove immigration ban or is there any e-service provided from the Ministry of Immigration? The answer is undoubtedly, NO. You need to face immigration ban until you are cleared by Ministry of Immigration or you.

Permanent Residency Ban in Dubai, UAE

The permanent residency ban is generally imposed for serious labour offences committed, chiefly intended for illegal or fugitive workers, illegal aliens or convicted offenders. The Federal Department of Immigration takes note of the fingerprint and scanned samples of these banned workers.

Labour Ban in Dubai, UAE

Leaving a job without any reason, breaking terms and condition of Labour Contract or starting another job before finishing the first contract will cause Labour ban on you. Also known as the Employment ban or Work Permit ban, it is an automatic ban which is imposed when you leave your current job without any proper reason.

 Types of Labour Ban in Dubai, UAE

There are two types of Labour Ban.
  • Six months Labour Ban
  • One year Labour Ban

Six Months Labour Ban in Dubai, UAE

This 6-months ban takes into account the employees who left the job without giving legal binding reasons for leaving. It leaves a mark on the labour card or work permit of the employee and the Labour Ministry of UAE is responsible for imposing this ban. Compared to other types of ban, this ban does not have the power in entering UAE. You can either enter the country through tourist visa or just a visit visa.

Reason of 6 Months Labour Ban

Every Employee of UAE will be banned automatically by Ministry of Labour (MOL) if you leave a current company (job) without any solid reason, and the duration of this ban will be 6 Months.

How to Remove 6 Months Labour Ban?

You can get rid of your 6 months ban without leaving UAE by the following options
  • Finding a job in any Free zone of UAE
  • Taking up a Government Job
  • You should have the following qualification:
  • Above high school – should have  at least 5000 AED monthly Salary  ( new contract)
  • Diploma holders – should have at least  7000 AED monthly salary  (new contract)
  • Bachelor’s degree holders – should have at least 12000 monthly salary in the new Agreement.

One Year Labour Ban

This ban is enforced and it is due to resigning any job before the completion of the limited contract. This is the ban that exists when you have lost in your filed case against the labour ministry. To combat this ban, you can opt to begin with the work permit proceeding before the visa expiry.

What is the Reason of 1 Year Labour Ban?

A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract or left a Government Job before completing your Limited labour Contract or lost a case in any emirates of UAE against your Company or violated the terms and conditions of your Labour Contract.

How to Remove 1 Year Labour Ban?

  • High school diploma is a minimum qualification, minimal salary must be AED 5000
  • For diploma holders, AED 7000 minimum salary
  • For bachelor degree holders, AED 12,000 minimum salary

Ban in Free Zones in Dubai, UAE

Some free zones also levy bans on transfer of employees within companies in the free zones registered within them without the approval of the previous employer. As ban policies differ from free zone to free zone and this policy changes from time to time, information on ban is often not publicized.

Cases Exempted on Labour Ban

  • A Labour ban (or immigration ban) will not be imposed on UAE nationals
  • Expatriate workers moving into a government job will not be banned
  • Oil company employees may not be banned
  • Expat workers moving to another employer within the same free trade zone
  • Expatriates who have completed a fixed term contract, and have submitted proper resignation notice
  • Expatriates who have completed the one year term of an unlimited contract, and hold a NOC from the current employer
  • Expatriates who are sponsored by their spouse for a residence visa
  • Expatriates who have worked for a company for more than three years on unlimited contract

How To Avoid Getting Visa Ban in Dubai, UAE?

First and foremost, make sure that your current employer has implemented methods for extension of your employment contract, even before it terminates. The employer needs to go to the Ministry of Labour. While shifting jobs, you need to be sponsored by the new employer otherwise your labour card will get banned. Last but not the least, knowledge is power. Always stay alert and be well informed with the latest rules of Dubai visa, employment issues and amendment of labour laws.
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