Free Meals To Jobseekers

Free Meals To Jobseekers

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” But in fact, there is and it’s all here in Dubai! Surprisingly, a few restaurants in Dubai offer free meals to jobseekers. Indeed, hope still exists and we have Good Samaritans. Quite rare, to be honest but blessings sometimes come unrequited! 
God bless the noble Samaritans!

The Kebab Shop

If you pass by a Dubai eatery, the Kebab Shop in the Dubai Silicon Oasis, you will find a big signboard that reads: “If you are unemployed and looking for a job, drop by for a meal on us. Don’t think of it as charity, you can come back to pay us whenever you can.” And yes, there’s no catch! It’s as clear-cut as it gets implying that no one in Dubai will go to sleep without a meal.

This initiative was started by a Pakistani-Canadian entrepreneur Kamal Rizvi and it has been a year that they have been offering free meals quietly without any fanfare. You only need to walk in and point to the sign board to avail the free meal.  Strict instructions are given to the staff, not to ask any questions but serve the food in the same way as they do for paid customers. The best part is that you don’t have to show any ID proof or any paperwork to avail this free meal.

People are overwhelmed by the generosity of Rizvi not only in Dubai but there is appreciation and blessings pouring in for him from all over the world. Its not too late when others too can be inspired from Rizvi and follow the band wagon.

The Wokman


Yes! It’s The Wokman restaurant located at Business bay that serves free authentic and tasty food to the unemployed. Not only this the food that they make in excess (rice, vegetables, chicken), are packed into small boxes and handed out to nearby construction sites, building staff and security personnel. The owner of this restaurant Dillon Daryanani knows the happiness that he gets by serving and he ensures that the excess food is given to the poor and indigent.

Daryanani said that other restaurants should not only provide free meals to jobseekers but also look into using their excess food to help those who desperately need it. Very true indeed!

Nom Nom Asia Restaurant in Karama and Al Barsha

Jobseekers who cannot afford their lunch can drop by Nom Nom Asia Restaurant in Karama and Al Barsha any day of the week to get a combo lunch for free. They can choose a main dish plus noodles or rice, and water.

The meal is free. But jobseekers who don’t want charity and wish to pay once they’re able, can do so, says a signboard in front of the restaurant. The restaurant in Al Barsha has been doing it since one year while the Karama branch has been doing it since it opened in June — in quiet and in the absence of main spotlight or fanfare, long before the Year of Giving was announced.

It’s amazing to read and know about the compassion and benevolence that these people have. The only token of appreciation that they get is a thank you note written on the napkins and silently Left on the table. There is no doubt that they should be praised for their standards of this kind of humanity and care.

Dubai is really proud to have them and gestures like these make Dubai what it is.

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