Taxis In Dubai

Taxis In Dubai

Dubai being the most attractive tourist destination in the Middle East also boasts of great connectivity. The state-of-the-art Dubai Metro, Dubai tram and bus system, water taxis, Abras and Dubai Taxi are part of extensive network of the public transport system. Perhaps, taxis in Dubai are the most luxurious and the fastest way to get around. All cars are metered, air-conditioned and relatively inexpensive. However, the only ways that can slow your journey are traffic and the speed at which the driver drives. Except during rush-hour traffic, taxis can be hailed in the street, picked up at taxi ranks or booked by phone. There are also many private companies that operate taxis in Dubai. You can recognize them by the different-colored roofs (eg Arabia Taxi has a green roof). These are licensed, metered and fine to use.

Types of Taxis in Dubai

Dubai is a taxi-centric city, with abundant taxi services in Dubai and can be hailed down, while on the road or booked in advance to arrive at your doorstep. Dubai Transport Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of Dubai Government RTA operates the wide network of government taxi service called Dubai Taxi. They have cream colored bodies with a red roof. There are other private taxi operators, backed by DTC, which are also cream colored, though the roofs are differently colored. The Arabia Taxi has green roof, City Taxi has purple, Cars Taxi has blue roof, Metro taxi has orange roof, National Taxi has yellow and the Pink Taxi for women and families has pink roof.


DTC has introduced a new service called the Mashaweer. This lets trained and competent drivers (without taxis) to drive for interested parties for a limited period of time as agreed upon (daily, weekly or monthly) The customer has to arrange for thevehicle, andprovide compensation and fuel. This flexible booking system allows easy planning for short vacations in and around Dubai.

Infiniti or Lexus – VIP Taxis

There is also the option of hiring sleek black luxury brand, chauffeur-driven vehicle VIP taxis from Dubai Taxi. They serve the needs of foreign delegates visiting Dubai, Business Professionals and corporates. By calling 04-2080808, anyone can book a limousine. The starting meter is AED 50, and only drivers who have had accident-free, offence-free and complaint-free driving records are hired.


Ladies and Families Taxis in Dubai

DTC provides special service for Ladies and Families Taxi which are driven by female drivers. The service is exclusive to ladies and families and can be reserved via Dispatch Centre directly or picked-up at Dubai International Airport.

Women Safety in Taxis

Dubai is a safe city with high standard of living and powerful law and order system. There is no fear for women to ride alone in a taxi, even at night, although it is better to avoid sitting in the front. Although drivers are rarely physically aggressive, some may take advantage of you, especially if you’re young, and not conservatively dressed. Be alert and use common sense to deal with the situation. Look for Ladies Taxi, with a pink-roofed cab with a woman driver.

Dubai Smart Taxis with New Features

Dubai Smart Taxis have the smart light message on its rooftop, to indicate whether the taxi is booked, available, occupied or out of service. There is another smart device added to the back of the drivers’ seat. On this device, customers can check their flight details, catch with the latest news, or check hotels for reservations.

Dubai Smart Taxi App

The free Smart Taxi App from DTC allows easy booking based on your location. The app is capable of instantly identifying a person’s location, and is great for booking a taxi even if you don’t know exactly where you are. It’s available on Google Play and Apple App Store.You can also use the app to track the taxi’s movement, look for the shortest route and finally, rate the driver through the app. The app also charges the same amount as the ones through the Booking and Dispatch Centre with the starting fee at AED 6 during the day and AED 7 at night.

Booking by SMS

If you do not have a smartphone, you can even book a taxi from a simple mobile set while travelling on the Metro. To book a taxi by SMS, send the metro station code to 4774. For example send SMS to 4774 with this message: R25A. (R stands for Red Line, 25 for station number and A for entrance of the station to get your waiting taxi).

Booking through Call Centre

Call Dubai Taxi on 04-2080808 to book any kind of taxi – Dubai Taxi Corporation

Call Centre Information

Dubai Taxi Ranks

More than 50 taxi ranks are available across the city at various locations like outside Dubai Metro stations, major shopping malls and outside each terminal of the Dubai International Airport. If there are no taxis waiting, then you can call the call centre for booking or book via sms.

Fares of Taxis in Dubai

  • Flagfall for street taxis is Dhs8 between 6am and 10pm and Dhs9 between 10pm and 6am.
  • The starting fare for pre booked taxis is Dhs8, which increases to Dhs12 during peak times: 7am to 10am and 4pm to 10pm Saturday to Wednesday and 4pm to midnight Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Per kilometre fare is Dhs1.82.
  • The minimum fare per ride is Dhs12.
  • Trips originating at the airports have a flagfall of Dhs25 and a per kilometre charge of Dhs1.96.
  • Salik toll of Dhs4 per gate is automatically added to the fare.
  • Tip about Dhs5 or Dhs10 or round the fare up to the nearest note. Carry small bills because drivers may not be able to make change otherwise.
  • Drivers accept credit cards.

Dubai Taxi also offers a daily, weekly or monthly booking service called ‘In-Safe Hands Services’ which is specifically offered for women, children, students and families. The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has recently launched the first government clinic dedicated to drivers in the Emirate. In its endeavour to curb pollution and adhering to the highest levels of transportation quality standards, the RTA has launched the trial run of the first electric hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle, Toyota Mirai, as part of the Dubai Taxi Fleet, in collaboration with Al Futtaim Motors.

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