Tips For Maintaining Car In Dubai

Tips For Maintaining Car In Dubai

Although we all know that the car’s condition truly matters, very few people actually pay attention to it on a regular basis. If you neglect your car and miss the servicing dates, you’d be surprised to see how quickly wear and tear occurs, resulting in loss of resale value. On the other hand, you can reap multiple benefits from preserving your car’s condition if you want to keep it for several years or if you intend to sell it. Car maintenance in Dubai differs to a decent extent when contrasted that in most countries, as a result of the comparatively warm weather prevailing through most time of the year. From tires to engine oil, check out these tried and tested tips for maintaining car in Dubai.

Keep Your Car Covered

Dubai’s scorching heat and sunlight can badly damage your car’s paint condition, so better park it in a garage or any shaded space. It’s not likely to do so all the time, so consider investing in a car cover. Opt for reflectors and reflective throw on covers.  Not to forget the bird droppings and plant saps that can also damage the paint; so try to clean your car regularly.

Get Frequent Car Wash Done

Apart from washing the exterior, be sure to thoroughly clean the underbody of your car especially underneath the rear and front bumpers. Use a high pressure sprayer to wash away any dirt accumulation, which can lead to corrosion and rusting. Other than the sprayer, a garden hose can be a handy alternative.

Brush Those Lights

Ever wonder how you can make your car’s headlights as shiny as new? A little bit of toothpaste mixed with ample elbow grease can do the trick! In fact, it is a much more effective way than the kits sold at stores. In addition, it will make the lights clearer and less dim. Just try it!


Maintain the Wiper Blades

Wipers are more prone to heat. Rubber damage can produce streaks on your windshield – when you’re wiping off all that dust. It can also affect your vision while driving. Get them inspected and replaced.


These are complete life-savers, unless you are fortunate enough to have blackout tints, your car can basically become an oven. Block out the sunrays with window and windshield protectors, it really makes a difference.

Check Air Filter

The air filter plays a major role in keeping sand and dust out of the car. Keeping it dirt-free means you will breathe in fresh, filtered and dust-free air! Check and replace any dirty AC filters. Not only will this improve the functioning of your cooling system, it will also keep the air clean and safe.

Maintain Car Fluids

Amongst the various tips for maintaining car in Dubai, this tip is very important. Check the level of coolant, the anti-freezing agent that saves the engine from overheating. Keep tabs on your coolant fluid as well as inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir. Leakage is a nightmare but if you spot it in time it will be easily resolved! Other car fluids such as gear oil, brake oil and transmission fluid should also be checked often as they ensure the seamless execution of brakes, gear and transmission. As cars get older, the engine tends to over-heat, causing the radiator fluid to evaporate out of the breather bottle, resulting in the fall of the radiator’s fluid level. If left unchecked, the radiator fluid can reach a critical level after which the engine can either seize or at times even catch fire. Almost all fluid containers have a marking to indicate the amount of fluid required.

Use the Right Engine Oil

Engine oil protects the engine, keeping it lubricated.  However, heat can cause the oil to lose viscosity and fine metal particles may build up – this increases the heat with friction that can damage your engine, badly! The kind of motor oil you use in your engine needs some serious attention. Environmental factors- primarily temperature and humidity- must be kept in mind, when determining what viscosity of engine oil you must use. Also consider the recommendations made by your car manufacturer.

Keep Your Engine Clean and Shiny

 If you notice gunk accumulating in the engine, you must immediately remove it with a pressure wash. Don’t forget to disconnect and cover all electrical devices such as the battery, wires and distributor before you do this. You can reconnect them when the engine is dry.

Maintain your Car’s Battery
One of the basic tips for maintaining car in Dubai is to maintain your car’s battery. As summer in Dubai can reach temperatures in the high 40s, many drivers often have their AC on full blast. This eventually drains your battery and car fluids at a faster rate. So, check the car battery after every 6,000 kilometers and change if needed. It is also good to note that because of the heat in Dubai, the average battery life is only two years.The intense heat causes terminals and cables to corrode and electrolytes to evaporate too. Check the car batteries frequently!

Maintain Car Tyres to Avoid Sudden Flattening or Bursting

When it comes to the maintenance of car tyres, it is important to properly inflate them. Under or over inflated tyres lead to accelerated corrosion of the tyre tread consequently adding to the tyre maintenance cost. Car tires wear out over time, especially on the scorching roads, if you can’t remember the last time you had them changed – it’s definitely time!  Rotating your tires every 10,000kms can extend their lifespan by years. Generally, these rotations are entirely free with an oil change.

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checkups

Regular car maintenance check-up is necessary to improve and keep up the performance of your vehicle. Make sure you have checkups after every 6,000kilometers, 8,000-10,000kilometers, 15,000kilometers, and 18,000-20,000kilometers. Also remember to keep the servicing records of your car.

There are multiple advantages of following the tips for maintaining car in Dubai. Keeping your car clean, shiny and in shape will not only increase its span, but will also make it the driving experience more pleasant for you. The chief advantage is that it will help you beat depreciation and bump up your car’s resale value. Yet, some care and maintenance can indeed make a big difference!

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