Zed Taxi: Residents of Dubai battle traffic as a new ride-hailing service starts, providing coffee and limousines.

Driver conversation levels, temperature, lights, coffee, and other factors are among the many things riders can manage with the app.

 In Dubai, a new ride-hailing service has emerged to compete with established players like Uber, Careem, and numerous others.

 This one, meanwhile, aims to distinguish itself by providing even greater customization options, such as selecting the degree of dialogue with the driver, ordering coffee in advance, controlling the temperature, adjusting the interior lighting, and more.

Locals and visitors have recently experienced a sharp increase in trips and public transportation demand.

 ZED is a brand-new e-hailing taxi app with some high-end capabilities. With ZED cabs, you can personalize your journey and even place a coffee order in advance.


Yes, the app has a feature that lets users order a beer for their ride. To enjoy your coffee on the way to work, the taxi driver will pick it up before you get into the vehicle.

 The premium cab service also allows customizing the music, volume, temperature, light intensity, and light color. By allowing users to select details on the app before the taxi picks them up, ZED Taxis seek to improve the overall user experience.

 Patwa explained, “We conducted focus groups and consulting the expertise of local market consumer behaviour specialists, which allowed us to meticulously craft Zed, a ride-hailing app that goes above and beyond expectations with the level of personalisation offered and the importance of customer satisfaction.”

 ZED intends to expand its fleet of vehicles to accommodate a broader spectrum of customers and provide rides that suit a greater range of preferences and budgets as part of its long-term strategy.

Currently, options are accessible for individuals seeking highly customized luxury transportation.

Patwa compared it and the distinction between business and first class in the airline sector, saying, “It’s not just about the legroom, it’s about creating an entire experience.”

“Rhythm booking,” another fantastic function offered by ZED, lets you plan your journeys in advance and even make repeat reservations for the same day. This is great for people who use the app to travel to and from work.

 The question of short, on-the-go trips—common in the city—arises in light of the elaborate features available for each ride and the ability to customize nearly every detail in the car. When asked if these commuters would prioritize customization over factors like price, availability, and cleanliness, the ZED boss responded, “Why not?”

 While the Dubai-based business is now concentrating on the city, Patwa disclosed that ZED is “eyeing opportunities in the UAE and potentially beyond.” The expansion’s specifics have yet to be made public.


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