Sheikh Mohammed Announces 10 Economic Principles for UAE’s Future Growth

Sheikh Mohammed Announces 10 Economic Principles for UAE’s Future Growth The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently approved a set of economic principles that will guide the country’s development over the next decade. These principles aim to strengthen the UAE’s position as a global economic hub and promote sustainable economic growth. This news provides the key economic principles approved by the UAE and their potential impact on the country’s economy.

The announcement was made by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and ruler of Dubai, during the UAE Government Annual Meetings 2023 held in Abu Dhabi on November 7-8. The guiding principles present the UAE as an integrated economy backed by a fully-developed digital infrastructure, secure systems, and adaptable legislation. The document declares the country a globally open, free-market economy that attracts top talent from around the world. It highlights the country’s investments in the digital economy and its youth while
recognizing its sustainable and balanced economy.

The ten economic principles are:

  • Globally open free-market economy
  • Attracting top talents
  • Investing in the digital economy
  • Providing diverse opportunities for young people
  • Building a sustainable and balanced economy
  • Protecting state financial systems
  • Continuous development of legislation
  • Supporting transparency and the rule of law
  • Supporting businesses with a strong banking sector
  • Offering the world’s finest transport and logistics infrastructure

The UAE aims to become an influential player in the global economic landscape and to be at the top of global economies with a strong digital infrastructure, secure systems, flexible legislative framework, and a renewable futuristic mindset. These ten principles aim to enhance the country’s economic performance and develop it into the world’s best and most active economy. The UAE government urges everyone to work according to these principles, commit to them, and use them as a guide in all policies, legislation, and new economic initiatives.

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