How to check if Dubai visa is genuine?

How to check if Dubai visa is genuine?

Check out how to distinguish between a real and a fake Dubai visa.

UAE is a well-liked travel destination. All year long, tourists and business travelers from all over the world swarm the nation. Visa applications are being submitted left, right, and center. However, bogus visas can arise as a result of this popularity.

Therefore, in order to avoid falling for scammers hoping to profit from the United Arab Emirates’ widespread appeal, one should be aware of how to determine whether a Dubai visa is real or fraudulent.

1. An increase in fake UAE (Dubai) visa cases

The number of cases involving fake visas has sharply increased due to the United Arab Emirates’ growing popularity and travelers’ yearning for a visa. Individuals are tricked into paying money for fictitious visas, which leaves them stranded at foreign airports where they are either prevented from boarding planes or face difficulties once they arrive. Every year, several hundred forged visas are found. One tactic that a lot of agents use is to grant short-term travel visas, which let them into the United Arab Emirates, but they also issue them fictitious work permits. These are discovered right away. These individuals are returned to their home nations and given up to their embassies. Agents have also been known to provide people with forged visa prints in certain instances. People are duped by these extremely convincing prints, but immigration officials are not deceived.

2. How to Check U.A.E. Visa is Original or Fake


3. Verify your entry permit number for Dubai

Verifying the entry permit number for your Dubai visa is one of the most reliable methods to determine whether your U.A.E. visa is authentic or fraudulent. You can check the status of your visa on official websites run by the government of the United Arab Emirates. You receive a unique number after submitting your application, which you may use to monitor your visa status. You can safely depart for your vacation in Dubai or any other U.A.E. emirate once the official website confirms that your visa has been approved. Simply searching for “Check my Visa Number” or “Check U.A.E. visa status” can lead you to such websites. If you want to visit any website in the United Arab Emirates, please click on those that finish in

4. Documents needed for visa

List of visas required for Dubai visa

  • Application Form: This form is available online. Please download it, fill it out completely, and ensure that there are no mistakes.
  • Photocopies of the passport’s front and rear pages are available; they provide most of the document’s crucial information. As such, the majority of visa procedures demand photocopies or Xeroxes of these pages. Also, your passport must still be valid for six months after the dates of your trip.
  • Passport-size photos: Make sure your entire face, including your ears, is visible in these images and that you are not grinning. Furthermore, a studio with a proper white backdrop is required for the taking of these photos.
  • Xerox or photocopies of the return tickets Your airline tickets serve as documentation of your planned return on the specified date. This facilitates the approval of your visa.
  • Fees: You must pay the entire visa fee online when you submit your application.

The government implemented the “OK to Board” rule in response to a large number of immigration frauds and the disappearance of numerous South Asian nationals after entering the United Arab Emirates. When your airline receives your U.A.E. visa and verifies it, it will designate your PNR as “OK to Board.” This is how it operates. You cannot board your plane without this. 48 hours prior to your departure, this procedure must be completed. For a very small charge, a number of tour service providers assist you in obtaining OK board services for popular airlines such as Fly Dubai, IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Etihad Airways, and Saudi Airlines.

5. Some additional documents are required for the UAE Dubai Visa

  • Letter of Invitation from Sponsor: People can extend invitations to stay with expats in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to an official letter of invitation, they must produce copies of their residency certificates. This sponsorship approach is popular for obtaining a visa. But rather than coming from a distant relative, the letter must come from a close relative.
  • Employment Visa: The organization where you work will assist you in obtaining a work visa if you have obtained employment in the United Arab Emirates. This is an alternative process where your business will support you.
  • Student visa: If you are an underage student, you must obtain a letter from the university or other educational institution where you are enrolled and a letter from your parent or legal guardian granting you permission to travel.

6. Preventive Measures for Obtaining fake U.A.E. Visas

  • Use reputable travel agencies: Reputable businesses with expertise in obtaining visas include Only Dubai Visa. If you use these companies, there is no possibility of fraud. The Only Dubai Visa app, their official app, is accessible on the Play Store and App Store.
  • Verify reputation and history: If you want to work with an agent—which is not advised—be careful to conduct a comprehensive background and reputation check, as agents are typically held accountable in cases involving fake visas.
  • Beware of Social media: You will see a lot of people promoting extremely low prices on social media platforms for UAE visas, but avoid them. You can contact them, but to get a better idea, look up their ratings on Google and other reliable websites.
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