Other Emirates Car Registration in Dubai

Other Emirates Car Registration in Dubai

How to register other Emirates car in Dubai?

Transferring the car registration from another Emirate to Dubai is easy, however, it comes with a cost. All car registrations are handled by the Road Transport Authority (RTA.) and before entering physically into Dubai, you need to ensure that the car has been de-registered in the current Emirate. It should be then marked as “for export” to another emirate. After de-registration, the number plates are surrendered and export number plates are issued to transport the vehicle to Dubai by road. If it is transported by recovery truck, it may set you back by AED500.

Ensure no fines or outstanding payments against the car

Check the status before buying any used car through the Dubai police site . You just need to enter the number plate detail and the truth will unfold of any accidents or claimed fines against the vehicle. The RTA will not allow you to register any vehicle unless all fines are paid.

You also need an objection letter from your bank if there is an outstanding loan on the vehicle and the seller transfers the loan to you, the buyer. A release letter is given when the previous owner has cleared the loan.


Technical inspection before transferring the ownership

For getting a ‘pass’ report, just head to any RTA testing centers in your area and it will be done in less than 30 minutes. In line with Dubai’s strategic vision of ‘safer vehicles’,vehicle testing by RTA is mandatory for registration. The inspection would cost you Dh140. Following which the car should be insured in the name of the new buyer.

Documents Required to register other Emirates car in Dubai

The RTA requires that both seller and buyer be present for the registration process with the following documents.

  • Identification documents (Emirates ID or passport and driver’s license) of buyer and seller
  • Expired Vehicle registration card
  • New car insurance contract in the name of the new buyer
  • Valid residence proof like rental bill
  • Inspection certificate

If you are the buyer of the vehicle you need to pay a fixed cost for the vehicle transfer. You will now be issued a new vehicle registration card plus your new number plates and the process is complete.


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