How to import any cars from overseas in to Dubai?

How to import any cars from overseas in to Dubai?

Procedure to import cars in to Dubai from overseas

Dubai Customs is the government authority responsible for managing and regulating trade and commerce in Dubai. Dubai Customs is a major part of Dubai’s economy. They help to attract businesses and investors by making it easy to import and export goods.

If you are a car lover and planning to expand your collections, UAE is known to be less pricier compared to the worldwide market rates. However, if you are planning to import some really prestigious, exotic cars soon, here are some guidelines to the registration process.


  • You need to be careful while selecting your buy, like only cars with steering wheel on the left of the cabin can be registered in UAE. Residents of UAE drive on the left-hand side.
  • Import a car that must be no less than 10 years old, for cars older than 10 years, you have to inspect your car with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) before shipping

Import Documents Required for Collecting the Vehicle

  • Original invoice to prove ownership and value
  • Certificate of Origin to prove where the vehicle was made
  • Your original passport, driving license and visa
  • Original shipping receipt
  • Cash or cheque to pay custom fees
  • Proof of residency e.g utility bill or rental agreement

Procedure for Collecting the Vehicle in Dubai

  1. The clearance procedure of the cars is initiated at the point of entry such as Port Rashid or Jebel Ali Free Zone
  2. Fee of 5% of the cars is charged for the release of the vehicle
  3. Clearance certificate will be issued from the custom authority costing 4,700 AED plus another 700 AED for container inspection.
  4. Blue export plates are given for the front and rear bumpers costing cost 60 AED
  5. You then need to proceed for vehicle testing at any of RTA’s most trusted test centers- Tasjeel, Al Shamil,Tamam with the following documents
  • Original passport, Emirates ID and driving license (and copies)
  • Custom clearance papers
  • Import documents
  1. Once the vehicle is thoroughly checked for safety and durability, you will receive the Vehicle inspection report which is a mandatory document for insurance and registration.

The following documents and equipment are mandatory for registration:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Completed application form
  • Blue export number plates
  • Insurance documents
  • Customs clearance letter
  • Original driving license, passport and visa (bring copies too)
  • Proof of residency besides visa e.g utility bill or rental agreement
  • Vehicle inspection clearance

Once the process is completed, white number plates and a registration card is issued for your vehicle. You can then legally drive your car around the seven Emirates.

About Dubai Customs: Import Export?

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