How to export any cars in to overseas from Dubai?

How to export any cars in to overseas from Dubai?

Procedure to export cars in to overseas from Dubai

Exporting your car to another country is less than a hassle-free process and a precise procedure for exports is outlined by the UAE government. Once you have decided on exporting, you need to do the first thing, which is to clear any fine or pending loan payments for your car. You then have to head to the Roads and Transport Authority to check the vehicle to make sure its road legal and safe to drive, after which Vehicle Clearance Certificate is issued. The vehicle inspection report is vital in order to obtain an export certificate for the car.

Documents required for issuing a vehicle export certificate

  • Police paper about the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Passport
  • Original Emirates ID.
  • Destination address with at least two working contact numbers.
  • Bill of shipping and landing. Applicable for sea and air transportation only. May be required for recovery truck delivery.

You can either apply for export certificate online or Mobile application: Dubai Drive or from the following locations:

  • Customer Happiness Centers
  • Service Providers
  • Call center: Contact the following number 8009090

Once the documentation is approved, you will get a message to collect the export certificate and Export plates (blue plates) from the Customer Happiness Centre in Al Barsha or Deira

Steps to export cars in to overseas from Dubai

  • Visit EPPCO Tasjeel or Emarat Shamil, or other RTA testing centre.
  • Take the vehicle for an export test.
  • Remove the licence plates and pay the test fee.
  • If the vehicle passes, you will receive a test result certificate.
  • Go to the designated typing counter to apply for vehicle registration cancellation. Go to the Dubai Traffic Police counter and submit the registration card and form, temporary insurance certificate and licence plates.
  • Pay any outstanding fines.
  • Registration is cancelled.
  • You will receive blue temporary licence plates which must be mounted on your vehicle. These are valid for a maximum of 14 days for overseas exports.
  • You will receive a transfer document (export form) in the buyer’s name.

Cancel your insurance and Salik account.


Lastly, take the vehicle to a shipping agency, along with the transfer document and vehicle documentation, and pay the required shipping fees.

Fees to get export certificate in Dubai

  • 20 AED vehicle export certificate without plates
  • 100 AED vehicle export certificate with plates
  • 140 AED export inspection and plates fees
  • 25 AED export inspection fees without plates
  • 20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.

If you are exporting your car by sea or air, it’s best to get insurance for the vehicle in case of any problems. Before exporting you must keep in mind that every country has their own separate rules for importing, for example, if you are exporting a car to the United States, bumpers, daytime running lights and headlights have to be modified, to comply with road rules.

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