Mahzooz (Emirates loto) Draw UAE: An ultimate Guide

Mahzooz (Emirates loto) Draw UAE: An ultimate Guide

What is Mahzooz (Emirates loto) Draw UAE?

It is the GCC’s only weekly live draw, with millions of dirhams up for grabs each week. Mahzooz (Emirates loto) Draw UAE is committed to giving back to the community and assisting people in realizing their ambitions. Mahzooz is a UAE-based raffle and grand prize draw whose winner is decided by a draw.

How to participate and win?

  • Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  • Select Buy Now from the top menu by clicking Play.
  • Add to Cart the number of water bottles you’d like to donate. Each bottle entitles you to one Raffle Draw entry and one Grand Draw line.
  • Pick 5 numbers from the first line. Multiple lines can be played at the same time.
  • The lines will be added to your shopping basket.
  • Click Check Out to pay with your credit card or your credit card balance.
  • You will receive an email or SMS confirmation.
  • You may watch the live draw.
  • Winners will receive an email from Mahzooz, and their winnings will be credited to their accounts.

How to win?

  • We heard and made it even easier to win with Mahzooz. Instead of matching 6 out of 49 numbers, all you have to do to win the top prize of AED 10 million is match 5 out of 49 numbers.
  • For the same AED 35, you’ll also be entered into our brand-new Raffle Draw, with the chance to win one of our guaranteed AED 100,000 winners every week.

How to withdraw your winnings?

  • log in to your existing account.
  • Select Transfer/Withdraw from My Account’s Balance Summary or Total Balance.
  • Click Transfer all Winnings to add your winnings to your Credit Balance and use them in future games.
  • Enter the withdrawal amount to withdraw your winnings.
  • Select withdrawal method.
  • To complete the withdrawal process, fill in the necessary information.
  • You’ll get an email or text message confirming your withdrawal.

How to get Mahzooz (Emirates loto) online ticket?

  • You can check online.
  • Using online account you can buy Mahzooz (Emirates loto) draw if you are living outside the UAE
  • You can check on the mobile App Store and Google Play

Download Mahzooz (Emirates loto) draw app on Apple and Android (Google Play)

How to apply / create / register Mahzooz (Emirates loto) account?

  • Visit the website.
  • Then click on the homepage and then click on Create account.
  • Mahzooz services are available at kiosks. Choose “New User” from the Mahzooz icon, enter your cellphone number, and follow the instructions.
  • You can also contact customer service for more information.

How to claim my Mahzooz (Emirates loto) draw?

  • You can request that rewards credited to your “Winnings Balance” be withdrawn and/or transferred (to your “Credit Balance”).
  • All of your winnings should be transferred to your “Credit Balance.” All transfers to the “Credit Balance” are final and there are no refunds. You cannot ask for the transfer to be reversed or a reimbursement simply because you have changed your mind.
  • Each request to transfer and/or withdraw your prize must be made with the total amount of monies in your “Winnings Balance” at the time of the request. Any funds that are not withdrawn will be transferred to your “Credit Balance.”
  • Further information you can check here.

Mahzooz customer support email or number

Mahzooz customer support, which can be contacted toll-free from within the UAE on 800 5825 or +971 4 588 0100 from outside the UAE or by emailing .

Email: (or)

Phone: 800 5825 (Toll free) or +971 4 588 0100 (outside the UAE)

How do you know if you win in Mahzooz (Emirates loto) Draw raffle UAE?

  • All Prize winners will be notified via email (if an email address is provided), in-Account communications, and, where applicable, push notifications. You are still in charge of claiming your prize.

Mahzooz (Emirates loto) Draw Game Rules

There are some rules to play emirates draw and Ball Draw games.

  1. Online account is mandatory which contains participant’s personal details
  2. A product has to be purchased to enter a draw
  3. Age limit is 18 years

For complete games rules, visit here

Next Mahzooz Golden Summer Draw on July 30, 2022

  • Mahzooz announced one lucky participant can win 1kg of gold during the Golden Summer Draw, which will be held on July 30.
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