Emirates Draw UAE: An Ultimate Guide

Emirates Draw UAE: An Ultimate Guide

What is Emirates Draw?

The Central Computer System randomly selects a set of seven (7) numbers for a Customer. Emirates Draw, situated in the United Arab Emirates’ Fujairah state, is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible enterprise. They work on socially useful projects to promote exciting events, drawings, and products.

How to participate and win?

  • First, create an account.
  • The only way to enter the draw, customer requires to purchase a product
  • After login, Select ‘Purchase a product’.

  • Click NEXT after choosing the number of PENCILS you want to buy. Each pencil contributes one line to the drawing and aids in the preservation of the coral reefs.
  • Per line, choose 7 digits in any order. The numbers range from 0 to 9, with 0 being the lowest number and 9 being the highest. Multiple lines can be entered at once.
  • You can choose QUICK PICK to have the system make your choice for you.
  • Save the number to your FAVOURITES (optional) for future draws once you’ve confirmed it.
  • Select the type of draw & click NEXT:
  • Current draw: This allows you to participate in the current and forthcoming draw.
  • Allows you to enter up to 5 different line numbers for up to 5 different draw dates in the near future.
  • If a number sequence isn’t accessible, click CHANGE NUMBERS to switch to a different one. Alternatively, you can click QUICK PICK to let the machine choose for you.
  • The payment choices will appear once your line numbers are ready. You have the option of paying with your credit card or your debit card.
  • You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase as well as confirmation of your registration into the drawing.
  • If you’re lucky enough to win, any winnings will be credited to your Winning Wallet right away.

Use a coupon

  • Keep your coupons close to hand and choose ENTER CODE from the drop-down menu.
  • SCAN QR CODE or input your 16-digit code per coupon in the SCAN QR CODE box.
  • Select ADD COUPONS to add more coupons.
  • The system will produce your number sequence based on the number of confirmed vouchers you have.
  • A confirmation email is sent
  • The Emirates Draw team will notify the winner, and the money will be added to your Winning Wallet.

How to win?

  • Seven balls will be drawn during the live draw show.
  • Balls with numbers ranging from 0 to 9 will be placed in each of the seven slots.
  • To win the big prize and the main draw, your numbers must match in the exact order from right to left.
  • Every week, in addition to the main draw, there will be 7 Guaranteed winners, each receiving AED 77,777.

How to withdraw your winnings?

  • First login to your account.
  • Then select MY ACCOUNT and select TRANSFER/ WITHDRAW*
  • Select TRANSFER TO WALLET to transfer all of your wins to your credit balance for future entries.
  • Then enter the amount.
  • Choose the withdrawal method to fill in the details
  • A confirmation email is sent.
  • Recheck the withdrawal amount.

How to get Emirates Draw online ticket?

  • You can purchase online or through the mobile app.
  • Using online you can buy Emirates draw if you are living outside the UAE

Download Emirates draw app on Apple and Android (Google Play)

How to apply / create / register an Emirates Draw account?

  • Create an account online.
  • Fill out all the information
  • Then verify the email id
  • To create an account, you must first agree to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You can also opt for the indicated optional notification consent.
  • Within the MY ACCOUNT area, you may now enter the draw and examine all of your information.

How to add credit / top up emirates Draw account?

  1. Login your account using your user name and password
  2. If you do not have account yet, create an account using the above procedure.
  3. After Login, Select “Add Credit” in “My Account”
  4. Enter the required amount you want to add
  5. Make the payment using your cards.
  6. Once payment is done and amount will be credited, you will receive a confirmation email.

How to claim my Emirates draw?

You can claim your Emirates draw by contacting Emirates draw customer care email or number

Email: customersupport@emiratesdraw.com or

Phone:800 77-777-777 in the UAE or +971 4 356 2424 in other countries.

Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8:00am to 7:00pm and Sunday: 10:00am to 10:00pm.

How do you know if you win in the Emirates draw raffle?

  • All prize winners will be notified by email, in-platform communications, and push notifications, as appropriate.
  • Your wins will be put into your Winning Balance immediately once the raffle and draw results have been finalized and approved, with the exception of the Grand Award and Match 6 prize, which will be handled directly with you.
  • You can then transfer some to your Wallet Balance and use the credits to enter future drawings, or you can withdraw it, subject to identity checks and other limitations.

Emirates Draw Game Rules

There are some rules to play emirates draw and Ball Draw games.

For complete games rules, visit here

What is Halal or Haram in a draw?

According to a fatwa issued by the official fatwa center in Abu Dhabi, fortunate drawings in which one buys a coupon to win a car, for example, are considered gambling and hence illegal.

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