How UAE Golden Visa Holders can get a Dubai driving licence without driving classes?

How UAE Golden Visa Holders can get a Dubai driving licence without driving classes?

The RTA has stated that all golden visa holders would be able to obtain their driver’s license in Dubai without having to take any prior lessons or receive any prior training or education.

“After completing the knowledge and road exams, you must present your old driving license that has been accepted in your country and RTA will issue you a new one,” the body tweeted on Monday.`

Documents required for Golden Visa Holders to get Dubai driving Licence

According to the RTA website, holders of Golden Residency can obtain a Dubai-issued driving license if they present the following documentation to the authority:

  • The customer’s previous valid driving license must be provided.
  • The results of the knowledge test and the road test.
  • Original Emirates ID

Golden Visas, a long-term residency scheme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), were launched in 2019. The United Arab Emirates does not require a national sponsor for foreigners to live, work, or study in the country, and they can own 100% of their business on the country’s mainland. Five or 10 year visas are granted, and they’re automatically renewed.


Since the program’s inception, more than 44,000 citizens of Dubai have acquired the Golden Visa, according to the most recent figures available.

A wide range of individuals, such as investors, entrepreneurs, special talents, and researchers in a variety of sectors of science and knowledge, as well as bright students, are eligible to apply for the visa.


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