How to View Your UAE Labour Contract Online

How to View Your UAE Labour Contract Online

Just like electricity and gas bills, emirates ID and traffic violation status, checking UAE Labour Contract online in UAE is very easy. And while you view it online, it’s much easier to get a print out in case you need a duplicate of your work contract handy. To ease out here is a step by step procedure to ‘how to view your UAE Labour Contract online.’

Checking UAE Labour Contract online

1 Visit

2 Arabic is the default language, choose English if you wish on top right

3 Click on Services on menu

4 Select e-Services

UAE Labour Contract -eServices

UAE Labour Contract -eServices        5. Click on e-Netwasal on the e-services page. (It will open another tab on your program with a different page)

6. You will be redirected to a new page which has various options like: Labour Card Information, Contract                         Information and other options. Click on Contract Information

7. Now you select whatever information you would like to retrieve. Select Yes if you have a Labour Card and select        No if you don’t have one.

8. If you choose ‘No’, fill in the details asked; date of birth, passport no., nationality, mobile number

9. Click on Next

10 You will get the current status of your labor card whether it is under processing or completed. You can take a print out if the status shows completed.

11. Click on ‘Print Labour card/ Labour Contract’, fill in the form

12 Submit the form and print to see the full Labour contract/ Labour card

13. Submit the printed document at Tasheel Center and get your printed Labor Contract

14. If you choose ‘Yes’, enter the Labor Card No(It is the 8 digit Work Permit No specified in the Labor Card)

15. Enter the Person Code(This is the 14 digit Personal No said in the Labor Card)

16. Enter the year of birth and nationality

17. Check all the details with regard to your Contract Copy, Company name and code, your name, designation

18. Check your nationality, passport number and expiry date, Labour Card number

19 Check type of card, issue and expiry date of your contract and transaction number

20. Check your salary (It should coordinate as in this page as pay rates are directed through WPS(Wages Protection System).

Note: The given procedure is applicable for those working under the UAE Ministry of Labour only. If you’re working for a Freezone, then you can get your Labour contract from your respective Freezone company.

MOL’s eServices

For those who are working in the UAE, a copy of your work contract is highly recommended. However, on the off-chance that you don’t, for whatever unknown reasons, then you can view and print it through the UAE ministry of labour site. You can also check what kind of agreement you have, whether it’s a Limited or an Unlimited contract. If you would like to check any of the below services (Employer or Employee), MOL‘s website provides “eServices” to make it easy for you.

  • Application Status
  • Work Permit Status
  • Mission Work Permit
  • Work Permit Information Status for MOI
  • Work Permit Receipt
  • Company Information
  • Salary Certificate
  • Status of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Establishment Link
  • E-Quota Status
  • Labourcard Information
  • E-Abscond Approval
  • Bank Guarantee Detail
  • Pending payment
  • License Certificate for Private Employment Agencies (View Rules)
  • Bank Guarantee Refund Approval Receipt
  • Fine Calculator
  • Fees Information
  • Cancellation Transaction Enquiry
  • PRO Approval Receipt
  • Print Labour card/ Labour Contract
  • Contract Registration Receipt




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