Etisalat vs Du vs Swyp vs Virgin Mobile

Etisalat  vs Du vs Swyp vs Virgin Mobile

Etisalat and Du are the two major telecom operators in the UAE. Swyp is a youth targeted brand from Etisalat whereas Virgin UAE is a mobile app based digital telecom service by Du in tie up with Virgin Mobile.

Du vs Etisalat vs Swyp vs Virgin Mobile compared: What’s best?




Virgin Mobile







Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi


Total Revenues

AED 52.4 billion (2018)

AED 13 billion (2017)

Total Profits

AED 8.6 billion (2018)

AED 1.94 billion (2015)

Subscribers (users) for Mobile

12.6 Million (2018)

8.2 Million (2018)

Subscribers (users) for Fixed line / Internet

500,000 (2009)

740,000 (2018)

Cost wise, all the operators operate on almost similar pricing. Service wise, app based services such as Virgin and Swyp are better as they resolve issues over the phone or send their executive to your location instead of asking you to visit their stores. Du and Etisalat both have good offers with devices such as latest mobile phones, tablets and even laptops where users can buy devices from them and pay it back in upto 2 years.

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