4 Budget Friendly Supermarkets in Dubai

4 Budget Friendly Supermarkets in Dubai

For Dubai residents, one of their major expenses is the weekly supermarket shopping for groceries and supplies. For those who tend to buy items for a week or so, it is really profitable to travel a bit and shop at pocket friendly supermarkets than to shop at supermarkets nearby or supermarkets in malls. Based on our extensive research, we present you a list of supermarkets that could easily save you upto Dh50 on your weekly grocery run. Let’s dive in.

#1 Lulu Hypermarkets

Lulu Karama, Lulu Barsha and Lulu Al Qusais has some of the best prices for all vegetables, fruits, food items such as fish, meat etc and essentials. Lulu is a high volume supermarket and they offer really good deals during weekends starting from Thursdays until Saturdays. Find out your nearest Lulu hypermarket and head over there for your next shopping round.

#2 Nesto Hypermarkets

Nesto is a very popular and budget friendly supermarket in Sharjah where they have large hypermarkets. However, there are a couple of Nesto supermarkets available in Dubai – one in Jebel Ali and one in Karama.  Both have amazing weekend offers and are very economic for fruits, vegetables and fish / meat.

#3 Al Maya Supermarkets

Present in more than 30 locations, Al Maya is present in almost every district providing value for its shoppers. Started back in 1970 in Ajman and rapidly expanded since 1982.

#4 Dubai Fruits and Vegetables Market

Technically  not a supermarket, but is a traditional market, but with all facilities and the glitz of hypermarkets, the Dubai Fruits and Vegetables market in Deira and its adjacent Fish / meat market has unbeatable prices and volume. This market is made up of a large number of small shops which gives amazing prices especially when buying in bulk (tomato crates with 5-10kg tomatoes for example). Be warned about paying with cards, most shops are cash only. It also has a large parking lot and parking.

PS: Those who love long drives, can also head to Ajman and shop in Nesto supermarkets.

Did we miss your favourite supermarket? Let us know in comments below.

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