How to register a used (second hand) car in Dubai?

How to register a used (second hand) car in Dubai?

Registration procedure for second hand car or used car in Dubai

When buying a used car privately in Dubai, the obligation is on you and not the dealer or previous owner, to do the registration work. It may seem arduous but this multi-step procedure requires both diligence and patience. But once the paperwork is in order, the process is fairly simple and you can get your fancy new wheels legally on the road within a few hours.

Criteria for registering a used (second hand) car in Dubai

For registration of used car, buyer (must be resident of Dubai) & seller must be present. If the seller is not present, you must present a sale deed letter from an authorized showroom or your dealer. If the used car is from another emirate, then its vehicle registration should have been cancelled there. Today, the re-registration can be done from other emirates as well.

Where to apply for used car registration in Dubai?

  • RTA local offices
  • Eppco Shamil
  • Blhassa Wasel

Documents Required for used (second hand) car registration in Dubai

  • Passport with residency visa or Dubai driver’s license.
  • Car Insurance documents.
  • Earlier registration documents. A certificate of roadworthiness will be necessary if the car’s registration has been expired.
  • Original license plates.
  • If the car in being under finance, a salary certificate, signed and stamped, by the new owner’s employer is required.

Procedure to register a used (second hand) car in Dubai

  1. Visit Dubai Traffic Department or to Tasjeel Eppco or Emarat Shamilor Wasel Car Testing
  2. Complete and submit the form, pay the fees.
  3. Settle the payment of fines by the seller. Check online at the Dubai Police website for any outstanding fines before you register the car in your name.
  4. Wait for your name to be called out and in a few minutes, collect your new registration card, valid for one year.
  5. Affix new plates to the vehicle.
  6. Send copies of registration card to your insurance and finance company.
  7. The car’s registration is valid for one year and must be renewed thereafter.
  8. If you do not have the time to do your car registration, then avail the special service of RTA called Personal Appearance Service.
  9. Visit any RTA customer service centre once and register your personal details.
  10. You will get a personal identification number (PIN) on your mobile. You can then send a representative with this PIN to do your RTA licensing work for your car

Fees to register a used (second hand) car in Dubai

Car test Dhs 50
Registration Dhs 420 (short number plates)
Dhs 470 (long number plates)


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