How To Contest A Traffic Fine In Dubai

How To Contest A Traffic Fine In Dubai

You can challenge a traffic fine if you are confident you haven’t caused any traffic violation.If you’re sure you weren’t present at the place and time when traffic fine was issued even if the radar flashed while driving within the speed limit, you can contest your traffic fine. If the case is registered, the traffic fine will be waived off in less than five days provided you can prove your case. In Dubai, individuals have multiple options to challenge a traffic fine. Here is a round-up for how to contest a traffic fine in Dubai.

Procedure for How to Contest a Traffic Fine in Dubai
Procedure for How to Contest a Traffic Fine in Dubai

Procedure for How to Contest a Traffic Fine in Dubai

Dubai police gives you the opportunity to contest traffic fine if traffic fine has been issued erroneously and you can prove your innocence.

To contest a traffic fine, you have three options:

  • Report to General Directorate of Traffic headquarters
  • Give a call on 04-6063755 or visit i.e. the website of Dubai Police. They have an easy-to-follow form that you fill out with your relevant details. This is easily payable using your credit or debit card.
  • Using the RTA website or mobile application – this applies to all Emirates and is just as quick and easy to use. The beauty of the RTA site and app is that you can also look up other information relevant to you, such as Salik, license fines, etc.
  • Click on “contest a fine” link after installing Dubai Police App (AndroidiOS).
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) is another online website which deals with fine payments across the UAE.
  •  Visiting the actual police station within the area – while it’s not as easy as paying online or using the app, the stations are always friendly and willing to help when it comes to paying of fines, etc.
  • Emirates NBD Banking App – if you do bank with them, they have an easy-to-follow section that allows you to pay fines straight from your account.For penalties about AED 500, you can choose to spend with your Credit Card in 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments with 0% interest.

In order to prove your case, you must possess the necessary supporting documents. After you’ve filed a complaint, a special committee will review your case. The group comprises six officers — deputy general at traffic department, two traffic control officers, a fines officer, representative of the Financial Supervisory General Headquarters of Dubai Police and a representative of the Legal Affairs. The committee has to send its report within five working days from the receipt of complaint. Depending on the severity of the violation, you may be called by the police to visit the station. In this case, you will need to take your valid license and registration, as well as the money for the fine. If decision goes in your favor, the traffic fine will be cancelled.  If the driver is not satisfied with the ruling, he can approach Dubai Traffic Prosecution along with a copy of the findings where the final verdict will be issued.


Example Of Successful Cancellation of Traffic Fine

If you have received an over-speed fine and you’re sure that you haven’t committed this offence just because your car was in the workshop and was not available when the fine was issued, you can contest the traffic fine. Visit the traffic department and ask the Police Officer to check the fine. He will pull up the car photo and check the registration card. When the number plates will be compared, he will come to know that it was not your vehicle that was speeding up. On being justified your traffic fine will be cancelled.

Supporting Documents to Challenge a Fine

You need a solid proof to challenge a traffic fine. If you don’t have subtle evidence on the event you might get it wrote off your record. Supporting documents like a photo or witness that you weren’t driving the car while the violation or photo of your car in parking area while you were out of town are effective to challenge a fine.In case you cannot present any supporting document, then you need to pay the traffic fine even though you haven’t violated any traffic rule. In fact,if you pay your fine within 15 days from the date of issue, you’ll have a 25 per cent of the total amount waived. 

It’s not the best feeling in the world having to pay a traffic fine or violation but knowing that they can always be resolved makes is easier to swallow.

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