How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai

How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai

Nothing kills fun as a traffic fine does, particularly when you’re on a road trip with your loved ones. However, fun is not the only thing being affected but your driving record also gets tainted with black points. In some cases where there is extreme violation of laws, your driving license can also get cancelled. Unfortunately,there are several things which drivers do as a norm but are actually against the traffic laws of Dubai and result in hefty fines. To let you be on a safer side and prevent you from losing your money, here are a few tips on How to avoid a traffic fine in Dubai.

Don’t Miss Your Seat Belt

Not only is it crucial for safety, which implies without saying- you can get fined if caught not wearing it; make sure all your passengers are wearing theirs too. Lack of child safety seat for children up to four years of age can cost you AED 400 fine and 4 black points. It’s the rule pretty much in all cities, and an iron-clad excuse for a sharp-eyed officer to pull you over.

Don’t Over Speed

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80 km per hr can lead to fines up to AED 3000,23 black points and 60 days of vehicle retention by the Dubai traffic authorities. Practice defensive driving. Rash or erratic driving can bother other drivers and put both of you in danger. Even if you are not breaking any laws, weaving in and out of lanes, stopping or accelerating quickly can draw unwanted attention of the police and put you in trouble. Consider taking a defensive driving course.To be on the safer side, stay out of the fast lane. Drivers in the fast lane are more likely to be ticketed not only because they’re typically driving faster, but also because of the psychological element: they appear to be going faster simply because they’re in the “fast lane”. Better go with the flow of the traffic.

Don’t Over Speed - How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai
Don’t Over Speed – How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai

Don’t Pass a Red Light

Never ever jump a red light! Not only is it highly dangerous it also carries severe penalties.When red light shows, all motorists should stop. Alas, that’s not always the situation and a collision within an intersection can quickly leave fatalities.This eventually leads to a fine of 1,000 AED, 12 black points on your driving license and your vehicle being confiscated for thirty days. However, this is actually the very best situation. In some areas, passing a red light and causing a major accident with the tram can result in fines up to 30,000 AED plus several other serious consequences.


Don’t Cross That Line

Crossing lines has its own repercussions whether on road or off road. Deviating from lane all of a sudden can lead to hazardous road accidents and is thus considered illegal. The offence can result in jail time, fine of AED 1000 and 4 black points against your license.

Don’t Check Out Your Mobile

While driving keep your eyes on the road. In order to avoid getting pulled out by traffic police in Dubai, do not use your mobile phone while driving.  As Dubai roads have a whole lot of traffic, a commute that normally takes 15 minutes may take more than an hour during peak time.Therefore, while relaxing in traffic, checking out your mobile can result in a hefty fine of 800 AED and 4 points over a license. It is easier to just wait to access the hotel before going for a selfie. In addition to this, eating, drinking, wearing sunglasses at night or even applying makeup while driving contests a traffic fine in Dubai.

Don't Check Out Your Mobile - How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai
Don’t Check Out Your Mobile – How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai

Don’t Drink and Drive

To keep you and your family safe, never drive under the influence of alcohol. Such things result in impaired driving that can lead to dangerous accidents on road. Dubai has a zero tolerance for anyone driving while impaired senses and offenders of the rule can enter some serious trouble. Sipping alcohol and driving can result in a fine of up to 20,000 AED, 23 points and the automobile being confiscated for sixty days. Another related offence that can land you in jail according to the latest Dubai traffic rules is driving under the influence of drugs. In such case the driving license is suspended for 1 year in addition to fine, vehicle seizure and black points However, that isn’t all. Those found driving while impaired will receive prison time to be chosen in court.

Don’t Park in the Wrong Place

If you park your car in a metered zone- pay at the meter- you can even do this by SMS now. Simply, make a note of the time the ticket expires- set an alarm on your phone so you don’t forget. There are a lot of dusty sand lots that people do use for parking- the rule of thumb is as long as you haven’t driven up and over a pavement to get access to the area you should be ok to park there.

Don’t Park in the Wrong Place - How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai
Don’t Park in the Wrong Place – How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai

Don’t Run Away

Running away after a traffic violation can cost you about AED 800 if you are driving alight vehicle and AED 1000 for heavy vehicles. Apart from this, 12 black points will be added to the account for light vehicles and 16 for the heavy vehicles. Not to forget 30 days of vehicle retention by authorities. So never ever run away from traffic police.

Tips to Get Away when Pulled Over by Traffic Police

  • Pull over when you see the traffic police officer signalling you to pull over. Look for a safe area where he can stand beside your car without risking his own life with passing traffic.
  • Turn off your car and if it is night, turn on as many interior lights as possible.
  • Stay in the car unless you are asked to leave.
  • Be polite and know the protocol. If you do get pulled over, you might still be able to get away with a simple warning if you’re courteous. Greet the officer and of course do not use slang.
  • Show your driver’s license, registration and insurance card when asked. Avoid sudden movements that may make the officer feel you’re reaching for a weapon or you’re trying to run away.
  • If the officer accuses you were speeding, it is OK to politely ask how he knew. If he states that he used a radar gun, ask to see it. Generally they unintentionally turn the unit off, deleting the speed entry.
  • If you got a ticket via a radar gun, ask to see the officer’s daily log. He or she would need to state they calibrated the unit prior to beginning their patrol.
  • Avoid arguments or acting irritated, don’t make dumb excuses.
  • If you cannot avoid a ticket, fight it through the legal system. Sometimes, merely showing up indicates that you are more responsible than other motorists and if you are fortunate, the judge may show some leniency.
Tips to Get Away when Pulled Over by Traffic Police - How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai
Tips to Get Away when Pulled Over by Traffic Police – How to Avoid A Traffic Fine in Dubai

The best way to avoid traffic fines in Dubai is to be aware of the rules. Lack of awareness about the traffic rules is the main cause of committing traffic violations which eventually lead to fines. The tough time is often faced by tourists and new expats who usually rent a car in Dubai to explore various places.

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