How to book tickets / events in Coca Cola Arena Dubai?

How To Book Tickets in Coca Cola Arena

1. By Online: Via the Coca-Cola Arena website

2. Ticketing Hotline: 800 22 33 88

Sunday to Thursday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Event Days 12pm – 9pm

3. Accessibility Hotline: 800 22 33 889


Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 4pm

Event Days 12pm – 9pm

4. Box Office: Event Days 12pm – 9pm

*Box Office hours of operation are subject to change based on event specific requirements.

Ticket Collection

  • Tickets can be collected from the Coca-Cola Arena box office on event days or the day prior.
  • Photo ID and card used to purchase tickets are required at the time of collection.
  • Please contact the Ticket Hotline 800 22 33 88, if you have not received your tickets within 3 days of the event date.
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