Dubai residents are given two weeks to list every flat cohabitant.

All owners, developers, property management organizations, and tenants must register their co-occupants through the Dubai REST app within two weeks.

Dubai Land Department has advised all property owners, developers, property management firms, and renters to register co-occupant details in the owned/leased properties.

The registration must be completed within a “maximum of two weeks with immediate effect,” the circular said.

The circular states that all owners, developers, property management organizations, and tenants must adhere to an 8-step process, including inputting personal information and the Emirates ID, to register their co-occupants.

Co-occupants will immediately get updates to the tenancy agreement once registered.


The circular comes as the UAE government revises its regulations to take into account the changing needs of its sizable ex-pat population. Over 200 different nationalities can be found in the UAE, and the government is keen to draw more foreigners to live and work there.

The UAE changed its family regulations in 2020, allowing unmarried couples or unrelated flatmates to live together legally.

It was a component of extensive reforms that also included adjustments to the laws governing alcohol consumption, harassment and violence, and divorce and inheritance.

The UAE government recently changed progressive visa regulations that will legally take effect next month and make it simpler for foreign nationals to get residency visas.

Investors, business owners, founders of startups, remarkable talent, scientists, professionals in a variety of areas, outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, pioneers in humanitarian work, and frontline heroes are among those who will be given long-term visas.

The advantages of long-term visas will also apply to members of the immediate family. The age at which a child may be sponsored by the holder of a Golden Visa or Green Residence visa has been raised from 18 to 25, and there is no age restriction for unmarried daughters. No matter their age, children of determination are given a residency permit.

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