How to avoid Salik Toll Gates in Dubai?

How to avoid Salik Toll Gates in Dubai?

The RTA Salik Toll Gates in Dubai has gradually become more expensive in Dubai with the removal of 30-minute grace period to cross multiple toll gates and the introduction of more toll gates in Sheik Zayed Road, with the latest one at Jebel Ali. With RTA charging 4Dhs per toll gate crossed, and rental cars accumulating 5Dhs per crossing (including the rental company processing charges). An easy way to find out alternative ways around a Salik toll gate is to use the Google Maps’ Avoid Tolls feature.

Avoid RTA Salik Toll Gates with Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps on your phone and select the menu icon on top left of the screen. Then select the settings Gear Icon as shown below.

2. Then Select “Navigation”


3. Then Select the “Avoid Tolls” button. After this whenever you set a destination on Google maps, it will give you routes around all Salik Toll gates of Dubai.

To test our selected “Avoid Tolls” feature, we have set “Mall of Emirates” as destination from Dubai Marina. Notice that the map takes an exit just before the toll gate. Over course of time, one can become familiar with the toll avoiding routes without the need for Google maps.

Salik Scam Alert

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