How to apply RTA e-Wallet account?

How to apply RTA e-Wallet account?

Procedure and documents required to RTA apply e-Wallet account

What is RTA e-wallet account?

RTA e-wallet account is a rta services providing cashless/cardless travel.

Each individuals and companies are eligible to apply for RTA e-Wallet account.  Check the procedures for how to apply and what are the documents required to apply for e-Wallet account

Benefits of having RTA electronic wallet (e-wallet) account

Instead of paying through cash or by credit card, customers can pay through rta e-wallet for any rta services.

Documents required to apply RTA e-Wallet account

  • For the individuals, a valid Emirates ID is required.
  • For the companies, a valid trade licence and the authorisation letter from the company.

Applicable service fee: Free

Total processing time:: 5 minutes (for individuals) and 1 working day (for companies)

How to apply for RTA e-Wallet account through mobile application or rta Dubai website?

RTA e-Wallet account can be applied through RTA website for individuals and RTA Corporate App for companies

Procedure to apply through mobile application:

  • Log-in to the mobile application
  • Select RTA e-Wallet and click “Apply now”
  • Fill the required details in e-Wallet account form and click apply

Procedure to apply through website:

  • For individuals / companies, the first process is to create an account through the rta Dubai website
  • Log-in to the website using the created account details
  • Select RTA e-Wallet and click “Create e-Wallet Account”
  • Once selected, e-Wallet account form will be appeared where customers need to fill the required details.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and select agree.
  • Finally, click “Create Account”
Validity: Once created rta e-Wallet account, customers can use permanently.

 RTA e-Wallet account Terms and conditions

  • The person authorised by virtue of the authorisation lettre is fully responsible for the usage of the e-wallet to pay for RTA services.
  • If the e-wallet was used by another person RTA is not responsible.
  • If the person authorised to use the e-wallet resigned, the company is responsible for handing the tasks over to another person.
  • Only companies should apply through the mobile application RTA Corporate App.
  • The customer must link his account to manage e-wallet account and display the control panel.

For more details, customers can refer

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