Al Barsha D Bus Stop in Dubai

Al Barsha D Bus Stop in Dubai

Al Barsha D Bus Stop in Dubai

Address : Al Barsha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Bus Route                                       Bus Station                                      Timings
84JBR Marina11:13 AM
F35The Greens11:17 AM
84JBR Marina11:41 AM
F35The Greens11:47 AM
84JBR Marina12:11 PM
F35The Greens12:17 PM
84JBR Marina12:40 PM
F35The Greens12:47 PM
84JBR Marina`1:11 PM
F35The Greens`1:17 PM
84`JBR Marina`1:40 PM
F35The Greens1:47 PM
84JBR Marina2:13 PM
F35The Greens2:19 PM
84JBR Marina2:43 PM
F35The Greens2:49 PM
84JBR Marina3:15 PM
F35The Greens3:19 PM
84JBR Marina3:43 PM
F35The Greens3:49 PM
F35The Greens4:09 PM
84JBR Marina4:13 PM
F35The Greens4:29 PM
84JBR Marina4:38 PM
F35The Greens4:49 PM

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Nearby Restaurants

  • Zahrat Abeer Restaurant and Cafe
  • Toranj Iranian Restaurant
  • Kabab AlShandagha Restaurant
  • The Grill Restaurant

Nearby Landmarks

  • Al Barsha 1 Park 1
  • Villa Ria
  • Adham
  • Al Kharbash Villas
  • Villas Compound Real’ Estate
  • Villas Arcadia
  • American School of Dubai

Nearby Healthcare

  • Al Hirey medical Services
  • Saudi german Hospital Dubai
  • KCH Healthcare LLC
  • Emirates Home Nursing LLC

Nearby Shopping Centre

  • Brends Parking Shopping Mall
  • Rose Park Gift Shop Shopping Mall

Nearby Pharmacy

  • Medicina Pharmacy
  • Medx Pharmacy LLC,Top Care
  • Life Pharmacy-Extra Life

Nearby Accommodation

  • Auris Boutique hotel Apartments
  • Tulip Al Barsha Hotel Apartments
  • Barsha Modern Apartments

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