Filipino fined Dh300 for sleeping in Dubai Metro

Filipino fined Dh300 for sleeping in Dubai Metro

Jair Ugto, a Filipino expat was recently fined by RTA inspectors in Dubai Metro for allegedly taking a nap. Working as a freelance stylist in the UAE for more than 8 years, Jair Ugto had fallen asleep from exhaustion in the gold class compartment of Dubai Metro.

Speaking with Filipino Times, he said ““Naka-idlip ako dahil sobrang pagod sa trabaho. First time pong nangyari sa akin to”. He said the inspector observed him on the CCTV camera, then woke him and said he should pay a fine of Dh300.

Ugto cautions other Metro users to be wary of this sleeping fine and requests other Metro users to follow all the rules of Dubai Metro to avoid any such fines.

It is to be noted that RTA already lists “Sleeping in passenger shelters or any place where sleeping is prohibited” with a Dh300 penalty in the list of Dubai Metro Fines.

Read the complete list of Dubai Metro Fines\


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