Expo 2020 Mobile app: How to download and use

Expo 2020 Mobile app: How to download and use

Expo 2020 Dubai opens on Friday, October 1, and with it comes the release of an official app. The app assists visitors in navigating the Expo’s 182 visually stunning and inspiring days.

The app personalizes your visit by matching individual interests to create a personal schedule of events and attractions spread across a site twice the size of Monaco.

Expo 2020 Dubai has launched an official visitor app for its visitors with a business-focused app to assist visitors in making the most of their Expo 2020 Dubai experience.

The Dubai World Expo is the greatest show ever on the planet and visitors from all over the world are excited to participate in the event.

What’s next, that the tickets have been purchased, transportation has been arranged, and walking shoes are ready to put on?


Most importantly, Expo 2020 will last six months, from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

Moreover, it will be open seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m. to 00:00 p.m. On Saturdays through Wednesdays and from 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

Features of the Expo App:

  1. The app allows you to purchase tickets and it’s easy to navigate, and detailed inputs to one of the greatest events ever-EXPO 2020.
  2. In addition, you can select from over 200 dining options and themed culinary events, and manage reservations for the intelligent Smart Queue system.
  3. However, acknowledge all the day-to-day activities and valuable moments of Expo 2021.
  4. Above all, reserve a convenient time to visit a pavilion of your choice while avoiding queues.
  5. Moreover, will get multiple options and news related to Expo Dubai 2020.
  6. Similarly, find useful information from our Chatbot and Customer Contact Centre.
  7. Keep a record of your journeys in a Digital Passport by using the interactive, GPS-enabled map with step-by-step directions.
  8. Even it’s easy to join the exclusive Expo 2020 B2B app community and get the benefit to connect and network with thousands of Expo 2020 Dubai business visitors.

The app, which is available for mobile and desktop, had developed by artificial intelligence and suggests potential matches for users based on their profiles, expertise, goals, and interaction patterns.

It ensures that every business visitor can meet their business objectives.

How to download Expo App 2020

The apps can be downloaded using the below links:

Google Android Play Store

Apple iOS App Store

Uses of Expo App 2020

  1. While the app is free to download, there is a small registration fee to access the app’s premium features.
  2. Moreover, it includes networking, connecting, chatting, and scheduling meetings.
  3. App Holders enjoy the Premium Experience will have free access to the premium features.
  4. In addition to that, Expo 2020 Business App, where you can connect and establish a network.
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