How to track Dubai Bus location live with Wojhati App?

How to track Dubai Bus location live with Wojhati App?

In Dubai, during day time, it is important that public transport users be aware of the bus locations and arrival times in real time in order to avoid waiting under the hot sun. Fortunately, Dubai’s RTA has an app to see the live location of buses in realtime, online using the internet. Let’s look at the procedure to see the live location using an Android phone. The process is similar for iPhone users.

Step 1: Download the Wojhati app from the Google and Apple stores.

Step 2: Open the Wojhati app, then tap anywhere outside the menu screen to access the search screen

Step 3: On the search screen, provide your “From” and “To” locations and search. The bus routes listed will show the live time on which the bus will reach your desired boarding point. Click on the bus routes listed below. Then the map will open.

Step 4: On the map, click on the menu (1) and then select Vehicle Postions (2) and select OK. Now the map will show the live location of all the buses in your route.

Step 5: Tap on a bus on the map to see its number. Now you know how far your bus is from your bus stop. You can reach your bus stop accordingly and avoid standing under the sun.

In the map, buses shown in Green color are on time, buses shown in orange are few minutes delayed. Buses shown in red are late by more than few minutes.

Alternatively, one can directly click on Map to see the map of all the buses in a given area (after selecting the Vehicle Positions checkbox)

Note: The Wojhati app has been bit slow lately (in last few weeks), so give it upto 10 seconds to load the live location map, do not click back and forth. Sometimes the app fails to load, if that happens, exit the app and open it again on your phone.

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