Dubai’s Old Baladiya Street Transformation 2024

Dubai’s Old Baladiya Street Transformation 2024

Dubai’s Old Baladiya Street Deira (Grand Souq) now Converted as a Pedestrian Tourist Corridor

Old Baladiya Street is a short street located in the Deira area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It stretches for about 0.22 kilometers. It has been recently transformed into a tourist corridor by the Dubai Municipality. The street connects various heritage markets like the Gold Souq, Dates Souq, Perfume Souq, Al Ras Souq, and Spices Souq. Dubai Municipality is known for investing heavily in urban development projects, particularly those aimed at maintaining Dubai’s position as a leading global tourist destination. The Old Baladiya Street project falls under the broader framework of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which includes significant funding for urban improvement initiatives.


The Old Baladiya Street in Dubai, specifically in the Al Ras area, holds significant historical value. It is part of the oldest community in Deira, Dubai, and is connected to Al Baniyas Road to the north, south, and west, and Old Baladiya Street to the east. This street is home to important landmarks such as the Dubai Gold Souk, Dubai Spice Souk, and Al Ras Public Library. The Dubai Spice Souk, located nearby, is an old market in Deira known for its colorful spices, herbs, and goods like saffron and alum. The area showcases the traditional way of life in Dubai from the mid-19th century until the 1970s.  Old Baladiya Street showcases the authentic Emirati culture, providing insights into daily life during the pre-oil period. Many buildings in Old Baladiya Street show different architectural styles, including wind towers, which were introduced by Persian merchants in the early 20th century.     

Old Baladiya Street once formed the center of Dubai’s commercial activity, serving as a hub for traders involved in fishing, pearl diving, and maritime trade. Over time, as Dubai modernized and expanded, many traditional neighborhoods, like Baladiya Street,were left behind. However, recent efforts have been made to renovate this historic area and transform it into a tourist corridor. Today, visitors can explore beautifully restored buildings that have museums, art spaces, cafes, and galleries.


Significance of the Project:

          Dubai’s Old Baladiya Street has been transformed into a tourist corridor by the Dubai Municipality. Dawoud Al Hajri, director-general of Dubai Municipality, highlighted the strategic importance of this project in rejuvenating historic areas like Deira. The primary goal behind transforming Old Baladiya Street was to rejuvenate the traditional markets and landmarks of Dubai, thereby improving the overall tourist experience. By incorporating modern facilities with ancient cultural landmarks, the project aimed to make Dubai even more attractive and position it as a leading global tourism destination.

New Features of Old Baladiya Street, Dubai:

In Dubai, Old Baladiya Street in Deira has been transformed into a tourist corridor due to efforts by the Dubai Municipality. This renovation includes:

  • Improved streets
  • New entrance
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Incorporation of heritage elements like the Al Mandus structure
  • Traditional seating areas
  • Heritage-inspired umbrellas
  • Links to nearby heritage markets such as the Gold Souq, Dates Souq, Perfume Souq, Al Ras Souq, and Spices Souq

Throughout its history, Old Baladiya Street in Dubai has experienced various transformations that have shaped its identity and role in the city’s growth and development. With each passing year, Baladiya Street continues to evolve and grow, and Dubai seeks to maintain its reputation as a top global tourism destination.

Old Baladiya Street Deira-Dubai city of Gold

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