Dragon Mart Dubai: 5 Tips on Shopping at the Largest Shopping Mall for Chinese Products

Dragon Mart Dubai: 5 Tips on Shopping at the Largest Shopping Mall for Chinese Products

Dragon Mart Dubai

Dubai is every shopper’s paradise! From large sprawling malls to traditional Arabian souqs, Dubai has a lot to offer on a wild shopping spree. And when it comes to shopping in a budget, you cannot go wrong with the Dragon Mart. This massive dragon-shaped complex is the largest hub for Chinese products outside China. With more than 5,000 stores selling almost everything from electronics, fashion, home-wares and furniture, it’s best known for low prices and bargains. Here are 5 shopping tips to help you get the best out it.

5 Tips on Shopping at Dragon Mart

1 Avoid Peak Hours

Dragon mart is a huge bustling mart with more of stalls rather than shops. Perhaps, it’s the largest China market in Dubai. The mall is crowded most of the days especially on weekends. But if u can only go on Friday, try to get in the early slot. Reach there by 2pm and be able to exit by 5pm. On weekends, be sure to arrive early and ahead of most shoppers.

2 Wear comfortable shoes

The mall stretches at a whopping 1.2km length. This means plenty of walking from one store to another. Consider wearing comfortable shoes if you don’t want your feet to hurt by the end of the day. Sports shoes are best if you want to lose some calories!


3. Bargain and Bargain

All stores at Dragon Mart are great for getting bargain offers. While all products are reasonably priced, prices are not constant across the mall. In this way, as a rule you have to haggle. One way to come to know a really good bargain is to hop around haggling from one store to another to determine the best bargain. Smile and just be friendly with the store attendants, and you’re sure to grab a good discount.

4 Check quality before buying

Before paying for any item, make sure you check its quality. For kitchen gadgets, phones and electric appliances, get them tested first. Doing this, you can ensure that you are buying a good quality product.

5 Help at the Information Desk

If you’re lost in the crowd or cannot find any specific item, just go to the information desk for help. Also if you’re finding it difficult to communicate with the store attendants in case of accent or language barriers, the help desk executives can best coordinate to make your shopping easier.

Dragon Mart 5 Tips on Shopping at the Largest Shopping Mall for Chinese Products

How to reach by metro / bus?

The best way is to drive down Al Awir Road to get to the mall. However, if you’re using public transport, metro will be more convenient.

  1. Get down at Centrepoint metro station (red line).
  2. Walk to the bus area and take Bus 366. Stop at Dubai Textile City Main Gate.
  3. Walk towards the mall.


Al Awir Road, P.O. Box 299992, Dubai, UAE

Shopping Hours:
Sunday – Wednesday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight

Phone: +971 4 390 9999


Dragon Mart Photo Gallery

Dragon Mart Dubai Dragon Mart Dubai Fountain  



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