Indian Consulate Travel Advisory: Indians visiting UAE must buy Travel Insurance

Indian Consulate Travel Advisory: Indians visiting UAE must buy Travel Insurance

Planning to visit the UAE? And if you are, make sure to get travel insurance to cover unexpected expenses on meeting unforeseen medical costs, during your trip. The Indian Consulate here in Dubai took to Twitter to issue a travel advisory for all Indians traveling to UAE. It stated that it had received constant requests from Indians visiting UAE for assistance to meet unforeseen medical expenditure or repatriation expenses due to a medical condition or accident. Though the Consulate tries to help distressed Indians within the means provided by the Indian Government, many expenditures still do not fall under their scope. However, it has urged travelers to carry adequate insurance to take care of such expenses.

Why get travel insurance?

Travel insurance basically provides protection against contingency. From medical costs to lost baggage cover, it ensures fast and cost-effective coverage for anything that might happen during a trip. In unforeseen sickness and accidents, it gives emergency medical coverage. And as treatment is expensive in a foreign country, it is advisable to carry sufficient travel insurance while traveling abroad.

Travel Insurance

Repatriation costs can range around Dh30,000

In the UAE, there has been several cases where people have entered the emirate with no insurance. Though, it does not make any difference until the person falls ill or meets with an accident and worse, dies while still in a foreign country. While medical expenses can rise quickly to hundreds of thousands, leaving friends and family members in a lurch, repatriation costs to India can alone be around 30,000 Dirhams.

Insurance from Dh55 to Dh185

The cost of a travel insurance policy in India ranges from Rs.1,000 to Rs.3,600, depending on the trip’s duration and coverage, lost baggage, flight delays, trip cancellation and emergency medical expenses including life-saving surgery. However, pre-existing illness is not covered under the policy. You can get a travel policy online for as low as Dh55 for a short trip, around Rs 1,000. For a longer trip of three months, you can opt for a higher amount policy of Rs 3599 or Dh185.

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