BNI Early Bird UAE

BNI Early Bird Dubai Address, Phone, Google map

BNI Early Bird meeting usually held at the following location.

Address: Millennium Al Barsha), Al Ramth St – Dubai
P.O. Box 212422 , Dubai

Phone: +971 4 4267718

Map: View the location on google maps



How to join BNI Early Bird in Dubai?

Visitor registration:

  1. Visit the above link.
  2. Enter your email to register.
  3. You will receive an email to register for the chapter
  4. Apply for the membership with the chapter’s Membership Committee. You can attend BNI meetings as a visitor before joining a chapter.
  5. Once you have applied, you are required to fill the application form, references and there will be an interview with the Committee.
  6. You can either complete the application form online or get the paper application form directly from the Membership Committee of the chapter.

Meeting Details: Tuesday 7:00 AM

Member Count in BNI Early Bird: 24 (as of 14 th September 2021)

List of members in the BNI Early Bird

As of 14 th September 2021, the following are the list of BNI Early bird members

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